Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Something new

We spent the last few hours of sunlight down by the cliffs.

The car park was fuller than usual, as tourists and locals swarmed in to get a look at the migrating humpback whales who were jumping and playing in the ocean.

We had no idea it was whale watching season and although we regretted not having our handy binoculars, we walked on and kept our squinted gaze locked on to the horizon.

Adventures like this don't come by very often for us anymore. I am very busy with work and so is Stephen. We use our time off to see friends or run errands. This day though I was adamant we take some time for ourselves.

The rocks were uneven and rugged. Their textures dug into our feet, imprinting themselves onto the soles of our shoes. The sun was low and bright, illuminating our path. We sat by the cliffs edge but not too close. Having someone you love walk scarily close to imminent death is not something either of us are fond of.

We looked for a spot where we could be alone and about five minutes later we found a secluded cave just below the cliff face. We climbed down and sat ourselves upon the cold rock and looked out to sea. Conversations about our future occurred, as they always do, and we nibbled on chocolate bars as we dreamed together.

Then we saw them. Spurts of water erupting from the ocean ahead. A black fin waving at onlookers. They were too far for the camera to capture but just know they were beautiful. I have never seen a whale in the wild before, neither of us have. They are such majestic beasts and even now I cannot comprehend their existence. They make me feel so small.

Stephen brought his new camera to capture our time together. This was the first time really I didn't have to worry about the photos from our day. It was a strange feeling seeing him run around and take photos, asking me to stand here and there and making me laugh so he could capture that frozen expression. It was nice and it forced me to actually look at the scene before me with my eyes rather than with my lens.

It was something new, something I could get used to.

All photos taken with the Fuji X-T1. Photos taken by Stephen; except the ones of him...I took those :)

Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Mornings. Friday Thoughts.

It's been chilly these last few days.

I had to make an emergency run to the shops yesterday to buy myself a warmer beanie and a jumper that actually keeps the wind out.

Here in Australia, we don't like the cold. Anything under 15 degrees (celsius) gets us grumpy and bitter. I've been trying to cope though. In less than four weeks I head to New Zealand for two weeks of adventure with Stephen and friends and while I couldn't be more excited I am still very aware of how I may possibly come back as a human ice-block.

It's Friday today, my day off, and I'm enjoying the sun streaming in warming my toes. Sasha, my pup, is lying next to me, adjusting her body in order to get as much sunlight as possible. He breath is deep and as she slowly falls asleep on my lap her body emits heat into mine; the perfect hot water bottle.

I watch as Pebbles, my cat, does the same routine with the sun. The blinds sway slightly to the left, and to the right and with it the sun light shifts up and down the carpet. She walks back and forth trying to find the most sun and once she is satisfied she lays herself down, licks her paws, and gently falls asleep.

It's often I do the same. Things will shift in my life and I do my very best to walk up and down until I find a place I am most comfortable in, a place with the most warmth, with the most stability. It doesn't matter if I have to take time and effort to get there, as long as I make my way I am content. Because I find sitting in the one spot and waiting for the sun to reach you is futile and exhausting. You wind up disappointed and cold. Instead, it's about picking yourself up and moving on to better things, even if that 'better thing' is just a bit of extra sunlight.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Hip Hip!


Today I turned another year older, another year wiser.

I have mere minutes left of my birthday and here I am writing this post to you.

I guess I just wanted to say how grateful I am for today and not just because it's my birthday but because of everything I learnt in the last 24 hours.

I learnt what it means to be happy, that I don't need lavish gifts, or an abundance of friends, or flowers sent to my work, or a cake, or a party, or a holiday or anything for that matter to make my birthday special. My birthday is just another day and all I need to be happy on my birthday is me.

Anything else is an added bonus.

It rained today, for the whole day. The clouds overpowered the skies and the puddles grew larger upon the surface of the ground. Some may use the term 'miserable' to describe it. As I was driving home however I noticed the clouds turning yellow, the sky was moving and out of the corner of my eye I could see the sun finding it's way out to say hello. The rain still fell and as I watched the sun peer out, a colourful burst of light distracted me. I looked to the other side of the road and there it was....a rainbow.

It didn't matter that I worked 8 hours today or that I didn't throw a big party with all my friends or that I was feeling unwell. What mattered was the little moments of love and beauty I saw. A rainbow. A kiss from the man I love. A present left on my doorstep. A memory sparked in my mind. A cuddle from my cat. A coffee that made my stomach smile. A comfy bed to fall asleep in.

I had a pretty basic day today but it was beautiful despite because of that simplicity.

So, Happy Birthday to me! Here's to another year of whatever comes my way x