Friday, 27 March 2015

Two steps forward

I was hoping to share photos of my newly decorated and clean room today. I was planning to have it all ready with a new desk, new lamp and new succulent in the corner, but apparently the day had another thing planned.

I filled up 6 garbage bags today. Garbage bags filled with unwanted clothes, old beauty products and worn bags, shoes, and pyjamas. I never knew I had so much junk! and I also never realised how much dust had accumulated in the space where I spent most of my time.

I'm now sitting here with a Eucalyptus steamer up to my face hoping my nose will stop running and that I'll soon stop sneezing every 5 minutes.


Two steps forward, one step back. Don't you feel like life is full of that?

I feel it all the time. My baby steps are great and they are moving me forward but sometimes I feel like I'm not actually accomplishing anything and that every time I do accomplish something, something else gets in the way and I wind up on the couch with an army of used tissues around me.

Urgh x 2

So today, instead of the beautiful room I had imagined for myself, I am sharing images from my most recent trip to the beach. It's a place where I feel free and at peace. I don't know what it is but the ocean always calms me and makes me feel at ease, especially when I've been as busy as I have been.

I hope to find the right rhythm in my life soon, something like that of the ocean. Something with pattern, something reliable and yet something that isn't boring and consistent. The tide comes in and goes out each day. It washes up on the shore and then retreats back into itself. It's not always regular though and it has a mind of its own. I want to find that balance.

It will probably take me a few more steps forwards and backwards to get there though, and I hope you can be patient with me as I make my way along.

Happy weekend to you! I hope it's not as snotty as mine :) x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Married | Jess & Tim

So my whole plan to blog more hasn't gone exactly to plan.

Good news is I've been blogging somewhere else.

Jess & Tim's beautiful wedding is live on my website and it would be great if you can go check it out here.

It's an honour that I get to do what I do. Weddings are just the greatest thing and already I have watched 7 couples this year commit their lives to one another. Whether I'm just a guest, a second shooter or lucky enough to be the principal photographer, I adore a wedding. They are full of love and celebration and people! Gosh I love the people. The gorgeous bride, the proud father, the nervous groom, the overly flirty groomsman, the kooky uncle or the overly talkative grandma. I love meeting these people and hearing their stories.

It's funny because not too long ago I was at a dinner party and someone asked what kind of photographer I was. I answered with "weddings!" and they replied "oh cool...but what do you really want to do?" and I, confused, replied with "...weddings?" Turns out many people only get into wedding photography to get to where they actually want to be because "who likes wedding photography?!"

But you know what...I do! I love wedding photography and it makes me happy that people think that wedding photography is hard and annoying and a step towards something better because for me it is that 'better', it is home, it is where I want to be always and I hope I can be here for as long as I can.

It's a good feeling knowing what you want to do and realising you're kinda doing it, that you're kinda, almost, sort of there. It's exciting and motivating and it inspires me to keep on pushing forward, to keep on trying, to not give up.

I hope you are the same. I hope you can find something that you're passionate about, even if that is something that no one else cares for, and I hope you get that 'thing' and you make it something great and valuable in life because the truth is that you deserve that. And even if the journey is hard, consistently hard, you deserve to be passionate and to feel alive!

What are you passionate about these days? x

Friday, 20 March 2015

A Snapshot | 02

I was lost in my own little world as I was driving today. Indie pop was blasting out of my radio while I hummed along and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel. I was out in the country where the roads were wide and the traffic was light allowing me to fly down the highway with ease. 

As I was pulling up to a set of lights, I noticed something odd fly past my window. It seemed out of place at first but then for some reason it seemed perfect...

...a little butterfly.

He was a warm orange colour with a dark chocolate border outlining its wings. He flew alongside the cars for a while before shooting off behind me as the lights went green. He wasn't in my sights for very long but he stayed with me in my mind for several hours. He was free and what seemed to be happy. He was enjoying the sunshine and the open road. A beautiful little fellow he was, and part of me wished I could have captured him in a photo. 

But that's the strange thing isn't it? Sometimes we can't capture it all even though we try our hardest.

We all have our blogs, or our Instagram accounts or our Facebook pages. We have our personal scrapbooks, or our home videos or our dusty albums stored under our beds. We have options, however it's not always enough. 

Sometimes we just have to let it sit in our minds and hope it stays there for a while.

This isn't a bad thing though. If anything, I find beauty in it. The moments uncaptured, the stories untold. They are what I love to hear, feel and remember.

What's great is that even though we may not be able to capture everything, we can tell their stories. Because for me, that is the most important part of the photo. It isn't the subject but rather the story behind it. A photo of a beach might symbolise your first kiss, a photo of a cottage on a hill might remind you of your late grandfather, a photo of an open road might remind you of a little butterfly you saw fly past your window.

Because while we can't always capture those details, we can tell their stories.

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