Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monthly Snapshots | September

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A snapshot of my comings and goings.

And just like that, it's October.

The first month of Spring was a lovely one. It saw me putting away my coats and bringing out the cardigans. My legs were shaved, my windows were put down and I put on sunscreen for the first time.

I can really feel the shift this year. It has come rather suddenly and taken us all aback. One minute it was Winter, and just like that it was Summer. It's safe to say I'm loving it.

October is set to be busy and pro-active. There are lots of projects I am working on, concerts to attend, birthdays to celebrate, people to see and weddings to shoot. But for the first time in a while, I am excited.

I feel calmer than I did last month and my mind seems clear. I'm seeing more friends and scheduling in more time for myself, and while it's sad I have to schedule in 'me-time', I believe it's necessary if I want to stay sane. There's only so much crazy that I can handle you know?

I hope this new month and the new season treats you all well. I hope we southerners can enjoy the warmer weather and share in cool cider with one another whereas, my northern friends, I hope you can enjoy the cooler breezes that are coming your way. Snuggle up and keep warm with friends and family.

What does October have in store for you? Anything exciting?

Monday, 29 September 2014

Farm to Table |

Oh do I have a treat for you.

Tasmania wasn't just a chance to escape to the country with some dear friends. It was also a time for these said dear friends to work on their latest project.

A new blog to tickle the taste buds and welcome you to a new world of foods I didn't even know were edible! Looking at the menu, I feel warm and at home. These are foods I could find in my garden, foods I can share with friends and family over a warm glass of mulled wine and foods that make vegan look appetising to me (which is saying something!). It's not just that though, these three seedlings have combined the beauty of recipes, food styling, interviews, photography and videos in such a way that will leave you feeling satisfied for days.

I may be a little bias because I love these three seedlings, but trust me when I say I know when something on the menu is going to taste great, and this blog has that feeling written all over it.

It's become my favourite order, and I hope it will become yours too.

Please watch the video above and head on over to their blog, have a bit of a wander and say hello! They would love to see you at their table.

Photos by Samantha Heather. Video by Three Seedlings

Friday, 26 September 2014

Morning Kicks

mmm this is me today and everyday as the clock strikes dawn.

The sun arises and so much I but my body still sleeps inside.

Coffee is probably not the best solution but for me it keeps me warm and adds that little kick I yearn for and need.

Today I head to Brisbane to watch my cousin get married and I'm up before the sun this time. I beat her. But my race to awake has left me rather jumbled, leaving me no other option than to resort back to my morning kick of coffee. I feel it's the only thing that can put me back together again.

Force of habit I suppose.

What keeps you awake in the morning? Maybe I need a healthier alternative?

p.s. I have a new blog URL. Yippee! All remaining links from Blogspot will be redirected here so no need to worry about that. Give me a little time to sort out my Bloglovin and we will be on our way!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Maternity | Roisin & Seamus

So it turns out I do maternity sessions now, and I couldn't be happier about it!

New life and new beginnings are a beautiful thing and documenting it is even more special.

To see more from this session, head over to my portfolio here.

If you're interested in booking a session or purchasing a voucher for a friend or family member, send me an email -

I would love to work with you! x