Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Confident Tree

Today my good friend listened to me rant about my life and how blah I’ve been feeling as of late. She sat there patiently drinking her coffee, smiling at me and waiting for me to finish my blabber.
I finally stopped to take a breath and she took the opportunity to respond. She started off with “Sam…you have no idea” and then continued to list every single piece of good I have in my life.

Honestly, I felt so uncomfortable. She kept going, positively reinforcing how lucky I am and how wonderful I have become till it got to the point when 
I sincerely didn’t know what to do with myself. Here I was sitting in front of a person telling me how awesome I am and all I could do was laugh nervously and sink into my chair.
I was uncomfortable because those words she spoke to me were words I don’t hear very often. They are words I shut down when they are spoken to me and they are words I definitely do not say to myself.
Can you remember the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?
I can’t.
And what’s funny is if my friend had said that to me I would slap them and tell them how silly they were being.
Why is it so hard to accept that we are wonderful creatures? That we have so much good and that this good is truly deserved?
I still don’t believe it but I’m working on it. I think being thankful and maintaining happiness in ones life is so important and part of that means reminding ones self of how awesome they are.
I used to think it was selfish but I’m starting to see that maybe a little bit of selfishness is actually beneficial to ones health.
It’s something that will take time to root itself into my body though. Like any habit, you need to work at it to make it last. You need to plant the seed and water it everyday so that before too long it will grow into a tree so big you can’t even see the top.
I want to start lifting myself up. I want to start being more thankful and being happier with the life I have. I want to grow into a mighty tree that stands tall in confidence and respect for itself. I think I owe it to myself.

So give yourself a pat on the back today will you? You have achieved greatness and you are wonderful! 

Maybe we can work on believing in that together?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Turning Two.

This here blog of mine turned two yesterday.

There's been two whole years of Samantha Heather and boy oh boy has it been wonderful.

If you had asked me two years ago if I would be able to maintain an online journal for two solid years I would say hell no! I was never much of a journal writer. I would write one entry in my leather bound notebook and then leave it for months. My next entries would always start off with "Sorry Diary, I know it's been a while but..."

And sometimes I know that happens on here too but I am totally fine with that. This blog isn't meant to be a place where I'm forced to update you on my life every second day. It's meant to be a place where we can come together every now and then and chat to one another, where we can talk and we can listen and we can share stories and feelings with one another and grow closer together.

I hope I've managed to accomplish that. I feel like I have, because the support I've received and the love that has been shared with me through this space has been extraordinary and totally undeserved. It's forced me to revaluate how I love and how I care for those around me and made me realise that this place isn't just about me, it's about all of us. So thank you, thank you for being there and thank you for being you! You're so wonderful.

I spent my 2 year blogaversary down by the water near Stephens house. I broke into his home (shh!) and took his dog for a walk to the sandy shore and I sat and took it all in. The sun was warm but the wind was cool, and I huddled under my cardigan for extra protection. The sun went down and illuminated the sky with bright oranges and purples and as the tide came in I thanked the universe for all I have been given, and that includes this blog of mine and all of you reading it!

Samantha Heather is going to be growing in the next year. I can feel a shift in what I am passionate to share with you and it makes me excited. I worry my busy schedule is going to set me back a lot of the time but I'm determined to make this place warmer and more lively than ever before. I want to be sharing photographic narratives with you, stories about people and love and relationships. I want to be creating more and inspiring creativity amongst all of you, because life without creativity seems so average to me. God created this world with his bare hands, the most amazing masterpiece ever created, and He created us in his image so we too can create.

So that's what I want to do

So here's to the next year of Samantha Heather. I hope you will stick around for the ride :)

Here are some of favourite posts from the last year. It's nice to look back and see how far I've come.


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Rainy Day Haiku

We roam and explore

The city dark, yet alive

Is this not beauty?