Wednesday 1 May 2013

The Early Bird...

....catches the worm. And boy were they right.

I have always been a morning person. Ever since I can remember I have always been my 'freshest' before noon. However, ironically, I have never witnessed a proper Australian sunrise. Frankly, I wasn't bothered enough to wake up that early.

Today that all changed. My oldest friend, Tash, and I woke up - 5am - and chased the sunrise all the way to Cronulla beach. The sky was pitch black when we left and bright blue when we returned home.

If you haven't woken up to see the sunrise then boy are you missing out! We started off on the look out before our feet instinctively led us towards the sandy coast line. We are no pro-photographers however we didn't care and we snapped away to our hearts content before grabbing breakfast by the beach.

Twas' a morning well spent.



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