Friday 28 June 2013

Who are Palicus and Palicus?

A question I believe you deserve to know the answer to.

The story of Palicus and Palicus starts many years ago when I was about 3 or 4 years old. Being an only child, with both parents working odd hours, I spent the majority of my childhood by myself, alone. I had no brothers, sisters, and no extended family to play with. It was just me. Now, the common response to this would be to assume I had a rather sad and lonely childhood but I'm here to say it was quite the opposite, thanks to a thing called imagination.

I like to think that I lived in a fairy tale as I was growing up because frankly I was. Everyday would be a new adventure, whether I was imagining myself trekking through the woods with my band of merry men or climbing the steep alps of Mount Everest in hopes of finding the abominable snowman! I awoke everyday excited to come up with a new story or continue on a previous one. It was so thrilling.

However, whilst each adventure was as fun and enthralling as the one before, I always seemed to come back to relive the same story, the same adventure - The Tale of Palicus and Palicus. I honestly can't remember a time when Palicus and Palicus did not exist in my imagination. They were a vivid part of my childhood and consequently my life.

Palicus and Palicus were two brothers, twin brothers actually. Both were wild cats who lived among the plains of the African Savannah. Palicus (1) had a loving, kind hearted, passionate soul. He was a family man. I like to imagine him as a sort of 'Mufasa' type character - bold, strong but full of love. His twin brother, however, was not so charming. Palicus (2) was full of envy, greed and pride. His brothers success made him full of rage and hungry for revenge or as he liked to call it...justice. He fought to destroy his brother and would stop at nothing to do so.

Palicus (1) always played my husband in my imagination (N.B. I too was an African cat in my imagination, my fondness of the African Savannah has been prominent in my life since the day I was born, but that is a whole other story...perhaps for another day). We shared an abundance of children together whom we would take care of and fight for. Together we would spread love and happiness and magic around all the land whilst trying to fight away Palicus (2) from destroying the world with his evil ways.

It was always a powerful story when I ventured into the world of Palicus and Palicus. I would fight moral battles as well as real ones. I look back on that time and appreciate the story I came up with and developed. It mirrors something true to my life. The fight for good, the fight to suppress evil and the fight for family and love.

....You may ask why I named such opposite characters the same name. To be honest, I have no idea, perhaps the lack of originality a 3 year old possesses. However now I like to think that Palicus and Palicus shared the same name because perhaps they were the same person all along. We all have wicked within us and everyday we fight that wicked with the good that lies in our heart and spirit. It is a constant battle and when we triumph, it is almost as if something magical was in play, something beyond this world, something more powerful than us.

Palicus and Palicus to me are a symbol for the battle we fight everyday. The fight to be better people, the fight to flee from sin and the fight to love just as HE loved us.

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