Tuesday 9 July 2013


All my life, food has simply been food. I eat it, I enjoy it and I am alive because of it.

Since the launch of Instagram however, food has become more of an obsession. My love for food has reached new levels and now I am more interested in what filter I am going to apply to my food photography rather than what the meal actually tastes like. And may I add that Pinterest is no friend in my addiction. It acts like one of those people who whisper in your ear - "You know you want to eat that, look how yummy it looks...imagine the photos you could take!". My winter weight is suffering because of this. Damn you Pinterest!

The truth is I've never been a great cook. Ask anybody, my skills in burning everything I make is quite impressive. #wifematerial? More like #wifedisaster. This scares me. I literally have nightmarish visions of my future family eating take-out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I CANT LET THIS HAPPEN.

Fear not, fellow readers. Not all is at a loss. Last Saturday, I awoke bright and early for a day of "Wife Training". My friend, Rocky (a nickname that is too inappropriate to explain on the internet) and I battled the supermarket, the stove, the blender and the oven and fought against all odds in creating a 3 course brunch - Lemon/Blueberry Pancakes, Berrylicious Smoothies and a hoot of a cupcake (pun intended).

....and guess what. WE DID IT! My head is huge and my ego is high. Turns out if I follow a recipe like a normal person, my cooking skills aren't half bad. I do have to say a huge thank you to amazing future wife, Rocky, for being a wonderful cooking companion/teacher. Boys...seriously...marry her!

As for me, who knows where my food obsession will take me. Will I become that wife/mum that everyone is jealous of because of their mean cooking skills? Probably not, but at least I will have fun trying!


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