Tuesday 27 August 2013

3 years || 1096 days

3 years = 1096 days (leap year included). Wow.

I remember that night perfectly. August 22nd 2010. We were just friends hanging out...or so we thought. The sun was setting and the light in the room was slowly diminishing. It went dark. We went quiet.
"Do I get up and turn the lights on? Do I say what I want so badly to say? No...He should say it first...He's the man. Oh man what do I do? This silence is lasting too long"
I hesistated, went to say something, and retreated. It was a constant back and forth in my head. I'm pretty sure I was rocking back and forth too, trying to build up the courage.
Then the silence was broken. He knew what I was trying to do. He put his hand on mine.
"It's okay, you can say it..." 
*deep breath*  "I love you..." I said
He whispered back "I love you too"

And that was it. No "Will you go out with me" or "Will you be my girlfriend". Our relationship started with the one thing any relationship should start on - love.

Fast forward three years and not much has changed in that department. Love is still the thing that keeps us together. Love for our God and love for each other. Stephen has more facial hair and I have more highlights. We both have finished studying. Both are working full time. Both living our lives according to Him.

We spent our anniversary in Katoomba. Exploring our country's beautiful landscapes and hidden trails. It was freezing but we didn't care, the beauty of the country before us kept us warm and grateful to be alive. We stopped at cafes, op shops and antique stores on the way, making it a true Stephen and Sam adventure.

I don't know what the next 2, 4 or 10 years will hold for us. That's not up to me. But one thing for sure is that I am excited to see it through. I have a strong feeling that it's going to be great ;)
Hopefully you all can follow me on this journey!

Below are several photos of our day. They don't do it justice. If you're in Sydney, I recommend going to the mountains yourself. Trust me when I say it's worth it.


  1. Happy anniversary! These images are lovely (and you look adorable together!).

    PS. I said "I love you" first, too :)

  2. Happy 3 years! That story of you saying I love you gave me goosebumps (in a good way). The photos of Katoomba look great, you guys make a lovely couple.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! What a sweet love story and such wonderful photos!

  4. I actually love you guys! My OTP :P

    This is just pure and simple and beautiful.
    Amazing photographs.



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