Friday, 16 August 2013

Inspired: The Hipster Beard

"The only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it again" -- Bryan Lilly

Someone, this week, pointed out to me how I have a strangely, and probably unwarranted, obsession with male facial hair. I thought them foolish when they made the remark. It was only when I went back to my Pinterest account that I realised that around 95% of the photos I pin, featuring men, also feature lovely, and sometimes out-of-control, bearded faces.

Is this a hipster obsession? Maybe?
Perhaps I'm just jealous that I can't grow one myself - I'm sure Freud would agree with me on that one. I mean have you heard about his theory on female envy? Click here if you dare.

I honestly don't know what it is but something about that turf of facial hair really captures me. You may have your own opinion and that's okay, I can see why people (especially mums with bearded sons) find them unattractive and unclean but hey...

...haters gonna hate!

Happy Friday :)
^^^ How can you not find them beautiful?!                (Photos taken from Pinterest - they aint mine)


  1. Beards ARE awesome. And that quote is so true -- I cut mine off every 3-4 weeks just to re-grow it, ha ha!