Saturday 24 August 2013

Pop, Lock & Roll

For my best friend, "Stop, Drop & Roll" isn't a safety drill...its a routine. She's a dancer you see, and well I've discovered that dancers do things a little differently.

Honestly, I get a little lost in all the dance jargon she blabbers on to me about. From popping, to locking, to hip hopping - its all dance to me. I'm more of a visual learner and so watching her choreograph and perform a routine is all I need in order to know how great of a artist and a teacher she is.

Last week, she had her first dance shoot which she choreographed and directed herself, and I was honoured enough to be asked to help out with filming. She was amazing, and so was her team (crew? ensemble? posse?). Below is the final video, which she also edited herself (I think she's wonderwoman?), and also some snaps I took on the day.

I am so incredibly proud of her. She is going to go places and hopefully she'll take me with her :)
Congratulations Bec! You're an absolute champ!

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