Friday 9 August 2013

Puppy Love

"All of the animals, except for man, know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it"
--- Samuel Butler

This week I have had a lot of perspective knocked into my system. Perspective that is important for everyone to know and value. I learnt that life is not a pageant, it is not a test to prove ourselves to those around us; to appear better, smarter, richer and happier. Life is not a test yet I often wonder why we make it one when the test is so hard and draining. Trying to appear better than we are is a race which we will never finish. If we step out of our bubble and look at the bigger world around us, we see that there is so much to be enjoyed and embraced. Who cares if people don't understand our reasons, who cares if people look down on us and judge. If we are good, if we are happy, if we are loving...what else do we need?

Today Sasha had a play date with little Pedro. Watching them play and enjoy their day made me happy and made me want to enjoy my life more. Their innocence and ignorance of this sinful world is such a refreshing thing to witness. Perhaps we can take something from the way they live, perhaps we can acknowledge being content doesn't take much effort at all and that we can stop appearing to be happy and just be...


  1. ah i love your dog! i tried to convince my husband we needed a daschund and he was like, "we can have a baby or a dog." we had a baby. but i still want a daschund!

    1. Thanks Gaby! She is my little princess :) I would have chosen a baby too if I was in your situation but when you do decide to get a dog - get a daschund. They are the sweetest little things

  2. Ohh, how adorable! I love daschunds, they are *so* cute!

    And yes, I agree - I think that sometimes we make life so much more complicated than it really needs to be.


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