Saturday 3 August 2013

The Nursery

Yesterday I traveled an hour out from my home to attend The Nursery - a photography workshop run by one of my favourite photographers, Tim Coulson. I have been following his family's journey for a while now and it was such an unbelievable experience to finally meet them in the flesh - they truly are some of the nicest people.

I can honestly say, that I have never learnt so much in one day than I did yesterday. Tim ran us through emotional shooting, technical shooting (I finally know what ISO means!), a live shoot, and post-shoot workflow. I could literally see light bulbs turning on over everyone's head as Tim explained, bit by bit, the art of photography.

One of the most important things I learnt, that many photography workshops/courses will fail to stress, is the importance of emotional shooting or learning how to connect with your subject. I was tearing up as Tim was sharing with us the emotional journey he and his subjects go through when taking part in his shoots. It really made me open my eyes and see the world differently.

The Nursery is a workshop I would recommend to anybody who wants to fuel their passion for photography. After one day I feel like I've learnt so much and I can't wait to learn more by going out there and experiencing the world through my lens.

Here are a few shots that I took throughout the day. Thank you so much Tim for helping me understand my camera and understand the importance of appreciating the little things in life.

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