Saturday 7 September 2013

Election Day Saturday

It's rare for me to have that moment when you say to yourself "boy, that was a good day". I usually have days which are neither bad nor good. Just average.

Nothing that exciting happens to me really and usually my days are just spent working, hanging with Stephen, serving at church or just doing nothing in front of my laptop. Don't get me wrong, I love doing those things more than anything, but it's so refreshing when you can spend a day to yourself and thoroughly enjoy it.

After a lovely sleep in, I awoke to one of the warmest mornings I've experienced all year. Summer is truly on its way. I immediately jumped into the shower, washed my hair with what seemed like 100% Pineapple juice (it smelt that good!), got changed into a summer dress and thongs, and trotted off into town.

It was so nice walking by myself, soaking in the summer air. I had my music playing, my camera around my neck, my hair bouncing away - I was in my element, it was grand.

Upon reaching town I got my voting out of the way. It was such a smooth process, named ticked off, voted above the line, ballot paper in the box and voila! I'm out of there. I stopped past an op shop, a florist and a newsagent on the way home and made 3 respective purchases that simply brightened my day even more

  1. $4 - A floral dress that I hope to alter, but it's so nice as it is that I may just leave it
  2. $12 - A cactus in a hessian bag. I named it Paulie because all good Cacti deserve a name
  3. $2.50 - Lemon, lime & bitters in a glass bottle; because everything is better in a glass bottle
I then skipped home, all 3 purchases in hand (very glad the cactus came in a bag). I spent the rest of the afternoon outside in the warm Australian sun. I got into my cossie for the first time this season and spent a couple of hours basking in the sunlight, listening to some Haim and drinking a homemade smoothie that made my tastebuds melt.

It's not even dark yet. I have a whole night ahead of me. I hope it's as good as today was and even if it's not, I'm very thankful for the blessings that I have been given today; the blessing to vote, to have food and drink in abundance, and the blessing of grace - a blessing I do not deserve.

Have a great night everyone - Here's to the future of this country and whoever will be running it!

I promised myself in yesterday's post that I would try out some braiding. Here are my semi-poor efforts. Please excuse the $2 K-mart bikini top and the men's singlet that I got on sale at General Pants 2 years ago.
When temperatures get this hot, I lose all my sense of style.
^^My Inspiration^^

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  1. That floral dress is so cute that you want to alter, like I really am drooling over it! Also love your pics of the flowers and cactus!

    -hailey cheyanne


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