Friday 6 September 2013

Inspired: Spring Braids

Spring is in the air and boy has it already left its mark.

Sydney is reaching a top of 30 degrees today. The air con is on, my arms are showing and I shaved my legs. Summer may have come sooner than I expected, which excites me a lot.

My hair is also up today. Up in a messy bun that ironically took time and patience to achieve. Turns out getting that 'messy' look isn't as simple as one may think. It requires work, strength and an abundance of bobby pins, all of which I do not have (where do all the lost bobby pins go I wonder?)

While I'm trying to perfect the messy bun, I secretly wish I could pull off the messy braid. I wish I could pull off any braid actually - fishtail, french, mermaid, waterfall, five-strand, milkmaid (yes, there is such a thing).
I try, I really do, but all I manage to achieve is pigtail plaits, which I think went out of fashion years ago. Actually, I don't think they ever were in fashion. How awkward for me.

This weekend I'm going to try and perfect a style of braid. Not sure which one but I will let you know.

Might do a search for those lost bobby pins while I'm at it.

Happy Friday! x

^^^ taken from Pinterest 

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  1. Ooooh I want to know what braid you choose to do! The 3rd looks difficult to do and it would bug me to have it hanging down around my face like that. But it looks beautiful!!
    It's so strange to read that spring is in the air for you while fall is in the air for me :)


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