Wednesday 25 September 2013

Monochrome Skyline

Last weekend, my photography course went on a field trip to Circular Quay to practice some of the many techniques that we have learnt over the last 6 weeks (side note: I can't believe I'm 6 weeks into my course already - goodness gracious).

I always love venturing into the city. I constantly forget how beautiful this country is and I am always amazed at its extravagance. Unfortunately, I must admit that I am not that amazing at capturing its beauty. I feel like every second person in the quay was taking a photo of either the Harbour Bridge or the Opera House and after a while, I was getting uninspired by the monotony of my images.

Ironically, I fixed this monotony with monochrome. Seeing something so colourful transform into a shaded spectrum is actually quite interesting and mysterious. From street performers, to old locks, to ferries passing through the water - these photos took me into a black and white city that I had never been to before and I look forward to venturing through its streets again.


  1. Gorgeous pics. It does seem a bit strange to see Sydney in B&W as it is always so bright and colourful in my head. I do love it though, black and white pics give it a really timeless look.

  2. I love these! Particularly that last shot of the Opera House. I totally know what you mean. I think it's one of the reasons I've never gotten super into photography is because I don't know how to see something I've seen a million times new again.

  3. I love these! Are you doing this at uni?

    1. Thanks so much Gaby! I'm doing a short 8 week course with Sydney Photographic Workshops. I love learning, especially about something so therapeutic as photography


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