Wednesday 4 September 2013

Pawtraits - Part 2

I met these adorable pooches yesterday. Seems that Pawtraits may turn out to be my thing.

I'm going to turn into that weird dog/cat lady that you see drinking tea, stroking a furry friend and staring at you behind her soft, lace curtains. Wrinkles huddled together around the eyes and a smile that may or may not be genuine enough to smile back to.

Mmmh...let's hope that becoming a creepy cat lady is not in my cards.


  1. Wow these are all very good. I had to go peek at part one of this post and I love those as well...though I do have a soft spot for dachschunds

  2. "Pawtraits." HA! I love that play on words, not to mention the cute puppy photos. I tend to think my Aussie is rather photogenic, though he's taken a back seat since my girls were born. Maybe I'll do some pawtraits so he doesn't feel left out. :)



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