Monday 2 September 2013

Spring Days

It's the first week of Spring and I am excited.

I have 3 months till summer hits which means I have 3 months to get my life, my body and my bank account Summer-ready. Hopefully I can pull this off.

Diets, exercise, spending cuts, life improvements, are all a must for this coming season. I need to get my life on track. Not to impress anyone, or prove anything but purely for self-satisfaction (fancy word for happiness).

I'm looking forward to documenting this process. Perhaps if I know that the internet is watching me I'll be more inclined to stay motivated.

Wish me luck!

^^ Stolen from Pinterest - Photo by Cierra Henderson

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  1. Yay, Spring! Funny how the change in seasons can make you want to change/improve things on a personal level as well. Good luck! :)


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