Tuesday 1 October 2013

7/20 - One Portrait. One Story

So I've decided to start my own personal project, inspired by the lovely Jodi at Che and Fidel.
For the last 20 weeks of the year, I will be taking a portrait of a person I know, meet or come into contact with. One portrait each week, one story each week.

Meet Cody

I've known Cody since he was but a mere embryo in his mother's tummy. His mother and I have known each other since we were just a little bit older than Cody's age. Which is crazy in itself.

His mum and I met in Kindy and were best friends ever since. We grew up sleeping over each others houses, watching the stars, talking about boys and being called twins wherever we went. She moved interstate when we were 11 and so its been hard to see each other as much since then - though we didn't let a state border stop us at all. I flew up and she flew down and we saw each other as much as we could.

Fast track a few years, to a lonely night when I get a call from my best friend. We were having a normal conversation when she just blurted out "guess what!?.....I just had my twenty week ultrasound". I was shocked, to say the least, but at the same time relieved that my best friend was going to be a mum - something we both dreamed of being one day. Sure she didn't plan it so soon but I've found that the best things are never planned. I mean just look at that face - one of the most beautiful boys I've ever met. He makes me yearn for children of my own

Cody is a breathe of fresh air. He lights up the room, as most kids do, with his vivid imagination and his abounding hope of the world he lives in. It truly is an inspiration.

Plans never turn out the way we want them to. I am learning that every single day. Trust is so important in life, trusting in the things around you to fall into place, for God to put you where you need to be and to just go with it and appreciate it. Such a valuable lesson to learn and one that I am slowly but surely learning.

P.s. Happy October Everyone :)


  1. He sure is beautiful! Your friend must be privileged to have him as a child, and you to have him in your life!

    Amazing photo and cute story.

    Jes | Naturally Jes

  2. that's such a wicked idea! love personal portraits. like stylelikeu.com does the closet interviews


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