Friday 4 October 2013

Inspired: Fair and Square

"You can get a steak here, daddy-O. Don't be a (square)" -- Mia Wallace [Pulp Fiction]
Ironically, she drew a rectangle...

I've been thinking about squares today. Don't ask me why, I understand its a weird thing to think about.

I've never really thought about squares before. The last time I properly recall thinking about squares was when I was doing trigonometry and shape algorithms for year 12 mathematics. Weirdly enough I loved maths, especially trigonometry. I think I enjoyed the reliability of right-angled triangles which brings me to why I'm fond of squares today.

They're reliable.

To be honest though, I've always been drawn to triangles and circles out of all the shapes we have out there today. I love their flexibility and ability to warp into a variety of things and transform themselves into unique creations. Then you have a square - always right-angled and always having sides of the same length. Fair and square.

People tell you not to be so 'square' because I suppose it lacks spontaneity and creativity. I understand their point and somewhat agree but I think there is something comforting in knowing that someone is always going to be themselves no matter what - they will always be their version of a square. Whether it is punctual, organised, well groomed, or even naive. Its good to know that someone will always be that someone no matter what and that nothing can change them, that they can stay true to themselves because that is who they are.

So while I do promote triangular and circular activity, perhaps being square isn't so bad after all. 

Just food for thought.  

^^ borrowed from Pinterest.


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