Friday 18 October 2013

Inspired: Wes Anderson

This man always inspires me, it's not just today.

I first was properly introduced to his work a couple of years ago and I have been obsessed ever since. I don't know what it is about his style but I am simply captivated by it.

The mustards and the maroons, the use of layering, the characters you fall in love with over and over again, that banjo playing in the distance and the warm sound of Bill Murray's voice - it all brings a smile to my face.

The trailer for his latest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel", came out today and I am in love...again. I forget how much I adore him until he makes another film and I am reminded of how beautifully brilliant he is.

There's something whimsical about the worlds he creates, something that I dream about and yearn for. Some people complain that his films are 'too the same' but that's what I love - they are the same, but different. Different characters in the same whimsical world, battling with trials of love, family and belonging.

I would love to go inside the mind of Mr Anderson and meet the characters I have always wished to have tea with. Perhaps I could go on an adventure with them and then come back and recall to you all the marvelous tales of love and excitement I endured.

Boy, wouldn't that be splendidly fantastic!


  1. I hadn't seen this, thanks for sharing. his colour palates are sublime. I do enjoy his movies quite a bit. and bill murray is the best


    1. That's okay. Thanks for stopping by :) I'm glad to see other Wes fans out there

  2. Omgosh! My husband just showed me the new trailer and I'm dying over here! Seriously! I shared the trailer on my facebook I'm so excited! It's so nice to see someone who shares the love for Anderson's films. They are truly art. LOVE <3
    xo, Emma

    1. Agreed, agreed! They truly are art. Such a unique style which I love dearly :)

  3. I squealed when I saw the trailer! I'm so excited! (:


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