Friday 13 December 2013

Inspired: Squeaky Clean

You know how you have those really organised and neat people who always have a place for their belongings and are OCD about everything?

That is not me.

To a degree, I am an organised person. My emails are always split up into folders and subfolders so that every one has its place. I love occasionally cleaning and making things neat when it comes to my home. I like general order and control. I like planning. I always need a plan.

Though there is one area in which I struggle severely in. My bedroom.

As cliche as this sounds, my room is a problem spot in my life. I don't know if its a lack of space, storage or energy but no matter what I do my room ends up looking like a bomb blast. I don't take Stephen in there anymore. Its just too shameful.

You may ask me: Sam, then why don't you just clean it? Good question I would reply, but I would also add that no matter how many times I clean, 2 days later its looking back to its old crummy self.

I feel its mainly due the my super large array of clothes I own. Most of which are from 5 years ago and I can't seem to part with. I am a hoarder and that scares me. My room I can just handle, but imagine if my home ended up in the same condition. External parties would have to intervene and I would end up on some weird daytime reality show - scary thought.

Today I am inspired to me more neat. To declutter and simplify. For the sake of my future family.

I have been on Pinterest this morning trying to finding inspiration of how to keep my small space of a bedroom neat and tidy (for longer intervals of time).

I'm thinking a huge chest, which I can dump place my extra clothes and knick knacks. Maybe some more shelving. But definitely a huge throw out of all the old stuff I don't need (It's going to painful, but hopefully worth it)

Any advice for pre-hoarder sufferers like myself?
^^^ taken from Pinterest


  1. Pinterest is great for anything! I do a little tidy up of my room before I go to bed, so I can start the next day fresh!


    1. Maybe I should start arriving home earlier. I've gotten into a bad habit of just crashing into bed as soon as I walk through the door...

      ...seems that laziness is the culprit here.

  2. um, I have the same trouble!
    I'd be delaying the tidy up schedule til I can't bear my own mess, then after few days things scatter around again!

  3. hmm only advice is keep the things you absolutely love and get rid of the rest. :)


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