Wednesday 15 January 2014

Inspired: Breaking Fast

My mother cannot leave the house without having breakfast. It doesn't matter how small or big the meal is, without some sort of breakfast she isn't functional.

My dad's the same. He even has two breakfasts sometimes because well, why not?

Me? I am a little different. Breakfast, to me, is only something I eat when I go to a cafe with friends before the clock strikes 11. Other than that it doesn't exist in my world.

I don't thoroughly enjoy breakfast food. I am not a huge fan of milk, or creamy eggs, or sugary pancakes at that time of morning. Once in a way, at the local cafe, is okay but every morning? No, thank you. So what do I do? I skip it.

Most of you by now are probably looking at your screen in horror or disgust. I understand that skipping a meal, especially breakfast, is terrible. Terrible in a medical sense as well as a 'normal-everyday-commonsense' sense. But, somehow I have managed to live most of my life delaying breaking the fast until lunchtime where I can enjoy any kind of food I want (I never did understand why there are only certain foods you can eat before 11).

Though, this year I have been forced to make a change. After being rather unwell last week, I have realised that I have so many more years of my life and I don't want to waste them being unhealthy. I need to make lifestyle changes into my daily routine to allow myself to feel better and to act better (I can sense a blog series starting from this)

So, over this last week, I have been waking half an hour earlier than normal so I can eat this precious meal that everyone raves on about. Surprisingly, I rather enjoy it! Not because I love the food (still working on that) but also because I am using breakfast as an excuse to chuck in some much needed me-time into my day. I have been reading every morning, painting my nails, catching up on my blog and just spending time in my garden soaking in the morning light. I am starting to see the beginning of a beautiful friendship blossoming between me and my morning meals.

So this week I have been inspired by breakfast and the many forms it comes in. What are your favourite breakfast cuisines? Anything light and easy for a person on the go or for someone who can't handle a heavy meal? Recipe tips?

Please, I am such a beginner in this.
^^^ taken from Pinterest


  1. I would love to share with you some recipes but to be completely honest with you, you and I are alike. I don't eat breakfast as well. Eating something in the morning just doesn't at all sound appealing to me. And I always feel as though my stomach isn't 'ready' (if you will) to eat.

    Nevertheless, I hope you find something that suits you, and once again, I hope you're doing a lot better! x

  2. I used to be totally in the same boat! I would skip breakfast in my rush to get to school. Now it's a lovely ritual and one of my favourite times of day. I like to have a couple of little things instead of one big dish. Maybe a little bit of oatmeal, some berries, an orange juice. I also adore avocado and lime on toast.
    Good luck on your breakfast eating adventures!
    Bella x

  3. I know how important this breakfast business is, but honestly, I feel the same. I hardly make the time for it and only really have breakfast at cafes. When I do have breakfast at home I make it super quick, mostly because I don't like making food and its hard to eat with a crawling 9 month old. So I fry an egg, toast seeded gluten free bread, and cook a handful of spinach leaves, and thats it. If I feel especially fancy I add mushrooms to the mix, and if there is avocado I spread it on my toast. But I stick to basics at breakfast time. Pancakes always seem like a great idea, but sweet treats are best in the afternoon I say!

    I'm glad I stumbled across your blog this afternoon!

    1. Avocado is my go-to meal. I love it! It is making this whole breakfast thing run a lot smoothly.

  4. Those look like amazing breakfasts to me. I am the same though. I am not a fan of breakfast. I eat it, because I want to be healthy and not feel weak during the day. It definitely takes some time and the right foods to love it.

  5. Breakfast is my total favourite!! As ever, pinterest has the best inspiration. Wholewheat pancakes and blueberries are my current fave. Plus if you make the mixture on an evening there's no faffing around while you're still half asleep! xoxo

  6. I love pan cakes!! Yumm!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Defining Me

  7. I love breakfast meals! It's my favorite meal of the day and that's probably because that's the only thing I'm good at making. Try making an acai bowl or smoothie (look up acai berries if you haven't tried them before - they are delicious). Also parfaits are also good. Or oatmeal - I like putting Greek yogurt and homemade cranberry sauce with it (you can always put less sugar in your cranberry sauce if it's too sugary). If you want something simple and quick, try making a smoothie with vegetables and fruits as well as seeds and a "base" like almond milk or coconut water. If you're in the mood for something savoury, try making an omelette with avocado, mushrooms, spinach, etc.

    Good luck! :)

    1. Wow, this is great thank you. Sounds so healthy and so yummy - the perfect combo!


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