Tuesday 28 January 2014

Inspired: The Kimono

It seems that everything these days is getting reinvented.

The 'bob' came back in a fabulous way which thankfully did not resemble my year 2 school photo.

High waisted pants, hippie tassles, knitted crops, pin-up swimming costumes, and neon have all made a comeback over the years. I've even spotted shoulder pads making a reappearance.

To be honest, I've never been a 'fashion' person. While I love it and appreciate it, I've never been a guru. I always seem to fall behind on the latest looks and wind up wearing leather pants whilst everyone else is wearing double denim.

My newest fascination (and again I am a bit behind) is the Kimono or simply put, a long pretty cardigan.

Its flowing nature really appeals to me and, even though it looks nothing much like an actual kimono (which I am also a fan of), it has a simplicity to it that is beautiful.

I've spotted some favourites here at Free People. and while on the topic of cultural throw-overs, I might point out my love for this poncho.

What are some of your favourite trends this season? I need to know what I'm missing out on.


  1. ahh lovely post! My friend brought me back a gorgeous silk kimono from Singapore last month to wear as a dressing gown and I love it! It feels so luxurious!

    Hannah xx

    1. It's a fabulous trend indeed! In fact, I'm currently in holiday in Singaporea and I have seen some silk kimonos along the street. If you don't mind, I reckon I'll go get some there! (If not, Cotton On has an excellent variety of kimonos.)


  2. I actually love the fact that everything 'so old' is coming back out. I adore high wasted pants, I don't know what I would do without them. And those Jelly Shoes have been a hit, which I am also currently loving!

    1. Yes! Jelly shoes are something I really want to try

  3. The third photo from the left is beautiful, Kimonos are gorgeous!

  4. Love these x


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