Monday 10 February 2014

Just laugh and let it go

After a lovely weekend and a productive Monday, I seem to only have the energy to conjure up a few short sentences for this post. My eyes are heavy, my body is drained and, as the sun falls behind the horizon, I feel myself fading away into a sweet sleep.

Sometimes you don't need to write everything that is going on in your mind. Sometimes it just won't make sense to everyone else. Sometimes it should remain only with you. Sometimes you just have to laugh and let it go.

I hope you all will have a wonderful week. For now I am off to close my eyes and listen to the gentle sounds of Old Man Canyon.

Update: This wasn't supposed to be one of those sad, whiny posts, I don't really know what it is supposed to be...maybe just another reminder to rest more and laugh more and not feel the pressure of having to write a lengthy blog post every couple of days. Who knows? Stay real all of you!


  1. i always feel the same way at the end of a monday. that song is great x

  2. Hey girl!!! Just found you from All my happy endings. Love your blog and your pictures are gorgeous!! So excited to be your newest follower :)

    1. :) :) this made me smile a lot! I am excited to have you here

  3. I hope all is well Sam, and make sure you get plenty of rest. It really does sound like you need it. :)

  4. Hey!
    Your photographs are awesome, I am new to blogging but yours has been very inspiring =]

  5. Hope everything is a little brighter now! Don't worry, we'll still keep coming back even if you miss a lengthy post or two ;) xoxo


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