Thursday 24 April 2014

Wearing | Fabrik + Giveaway

Wearing: Bazaar Dress
Wearing: Jersey Dress - Grey Marle

- this is a sponsored post -

Until recently, I had found myself stuck in a fashion rut. As the 'poor uni student' that I was a few years ago, I had fallen into a habit of sacrificing quality in my wardrobe. My 'style', if you would call it that, suffered as a result. 2014, however, was a year of change and I was determined to make a resolution to invest in quality. For my wardrobe, that means only having a few staple items for every season that are timeless, long-lasting, and unique.

When I received the above dresses, from Fabrik's new womenswear collection, I felt immediate satisfaction. Not only did I feel incredibly comfortable moving around in the fabrics, but I could look in the mirror and be confident in my overall look. Their style is incredibly unique, which is what I now look for in my clothes, and did I mention that each piece is made is made with organic fabric? (total win for everyone)

Both dresses are a perfect addition to my wardrobe. Whether you're lounging around with a tea and book, heading to the markets or going on a little outdoor adventure, Fabrik's dress range truly has you covered.


To celebrate their new collection, Fabrik are giving away a $100 gift voucher to spend on their online store!

To enter, all you need to do is 

  1. Be following this blog on either GFC or Bloglovin (links on sidebar) and,
  2. Head to Fabrik's online store and let me know in the comments below what is your favourite piece from their new season's collection.
This giveaway now closed. Congratulations Vanisha from A Life Un-Styled! You will be contacted shortly to receive your voucher.

Good luck everyone!


  1. It was so hard to pick a favourite, but I think my favourite is the Layering Tank - Rosehip, it looks beautiful. :)
    ps. you looked stunning in the pictures Sam. :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and letting me know about your giveaway. I love the aesthetic of your blog and your photos are beautiful. I love the fisherman sweater in black and gold - so perfect! I follow you via GFC. Have a great ANZAC day xoxox

  3. oh, man this is gorgeous.
    i adore the bazarre skirt or the stripped boat t-shirt. (i've always had a weekness for stripes. ;) )

  4. oh, and i follow you on bloglovin'.

  5. Thanks a bunch Sam, for the notice. The opportunities you give to others make you so selfless. :) I think I shall enter the giveaway for my mum, in time for Mother's Day. Good luck to everyone else, too!

    1. After much consideration, I'd have to say the Bazaar Dress (which you have showcased oh so nicely) is my favourite. I think my mum would absolutely love it.

  6. I have had a close look at their collection and really love it, it feels very casual and comfortable but still fun and the colours are great. I am in LOVE with the
    "Meadow Kimono" I have been searching for a layering piece like that for a while, it's perfect for Autumn time here in Sydney and I would sure wear it a lot!

    I am glad I have found your blog I really like the whole vibe of it!

  7. Uh, the bazaar dress please! You look like a total babe in it! Thanks for the opportunity and good luck everyone! x

  8. um, how gorgeous are you? also, i'd like the striped boat t shirt please ;) fingers crossed!

  9. Girl, you are gorgeous! These photos are awesome. I love that hat.. ^_^

  10. Wow, what beautiful dresses! (and amazing photography and stunning model you are!). I really like the Market Dress ;)

  11. I'd say those printed military pants are my favourite!

    P.S. your blog is lovely!

  12. Oh Sam you look so lovely in these shots. These are very much your style :)

    My favourite would have to be the Military Pant, so gorgeous, but they are all lovely!


  13. i love love LOVE this!! you look stunning in every shot!! so dreamy, i wish i lived in your country! haha


  14. that dress in the first pictures is absolutely glorious, but it's so hard to choose!

  15. That jersey dress is a dream!!! Also love the military jumpsuit! So glad you introduced me to this new brand, love their beautiful clothes! oh and those are stunning photos! xx

  16. The fisherman sweater looks gorgeous. Perfect for the coming winter!

  17. Oh yes indeed! This holidays was the first chance to spend some money that I have been earning in my first term of my proper grown up job. Doing uni and part time jobs for years saw me shopping at Vinnie's and using Kmart and Target as my luxury shops.
    I recently just bought my first quality pieces for the first time in years. . . and it felt nice :)

  18. I follow you on both GFC and Bloglovin'.

    My favourite piece is the Meadow Kimono, perfect for so many occasions!

  19. New follower here. Thanks for linking up with me.:)
    I'm a little bit in love with their bazaar skirt and the sarongs.

  20. I adore the Oxford Shoe - Tan.

    I have been obsessed with the whole 'tan' look, and when I lied eyes on these puppies, I fell in love!

    The clothing on the website surely is different, and unlike any other, but that's what I love most about it!

    Naturally Jes

  21. Wow, those are wonderful dresses. They look so natural on you! I especially love the first shot. Very pretty!!

  22. These dresses are gorgeous!! I'm following on Bloglovin' (obviously) and I love the Petal Slip! xxx

  23. It's a tough decision but I really do love the Bazaar dress and you wear it really well. I also really love the Mae dress in Milk. Such a delicate, beautiful dress. thank you for the opportunity. I am following on Bloglovin
    Catriona Alison

  24. I wish I could be a part of this give away, but mostly I want to comment and tell you how much i LOVE these photos. you should come to utah and shoot with me...just saying.