Monday 7 April 2014


^ some weekend snaps ^

inspired by bridget


making: use of my leftover data from last month
cooking: nothing. when do i ever cook?
drinking: coffee, always coffee.
reading: huffington post - apparently Obama isn't allowed to take selfies anymore. Sad

wanting: a place of my own, white walls and all.
looking: for 
a new laptop with a better display. I have a feeling the colours i see on my blog are totally different to what you all see. mac or pc? you tell me.
playing: no scrubs by tlc. this be my jam
wasting: time dreaming of a little house + wee ones -- always (stolen of bridget because it is so true)
sewing: buttons back onto everything before winter approaches
wishing: that stephen will have a better week than last week
enjoying: the cool winter breeze that has settled into my days 
waiting: for work to be over so i can go home and watch GOT season 4
liking: my clean bedroom. my clothes finally have a home once more
wondering: where this year will take me. there are so many options, so many roads.
loving: raisin toast with cinnamon (a wonderful suggestion from my best friend)
hoping: for things to be more clearer. my sight is blurry (metaphorically)
marveling: at iceland's scenic wonders. i need to go there. someone please take me
needing: more time. 
smelling: the remnants of the raisin toast i had for breakfast
wearing: new boots (seen above)
following: the path my Lord takes me
noticing: the shift in the seasons

trying: new lightroom presets courtesy of ABM. Photos above were edited with them and you can get them yourself here.
knowing: what i want to do and where i want to be in 5 years (such a wonderful thought)
thinking: i need to simplify my life a little lot more
bookmarking: this image. need a little more creativity in my life. also this.
opening: more and more tabs to keep me distracted
giggling: at myself as i scroll through old school photos. what was i thinking?
feeling: better.


  1. very interesting photos, i like the ones of your cute boots. "needing more time" don't we all? i've been feeling that way as well. time has been flying and i feel like i never have enough hours in the day between bible studies, work, school and taking care of my marriage

    1. I pray time is found with you. I feel like it gets harder as we get older. Not looking forward to balancing my life in 10-20 years time. I have a lot of lessons to learn.

  2. Love the pictures, as usual. The last one is my favourite, such a cool focus!
    I got very confused for a bit wondering why you were preparing for winter then remembered you're in Australia, so our seasons are flipped! Such a weird thing about this planet.
    I hope you receive the simplicity and clarity you're hoping for. I think winter kind of forces that upon us because theres more time to snuggle inside and reflect when the weather isn't fun to be up and about in. :)

    1. Oh thans leli for your lovely comment. You are always so beautiful.

      It is so strange that its spring where you are. Send us over some of that heat!

  3. Oh my, the last picture! Isn't that creative, haha.

    Love the post idea. I may or may not have been inspired!

    Naturally Jes

  4. as always lovely photos my dear! also ohmyfreakingosh no scrubs in my absolute favorite (next to gold digger.) i know, i'm sorry world.

    also, mac for surest of sure! editing photos on a pc is waaayy harder than a mac. mac's are built for the creative person. and having had both, i am a mac girl all the way.


    1. Well guess what, I think I am going Mac on Saturday! So excited :-)

  5. These photos are incredible! I've been daydreaming about having a home of my own lately too. Goodness! :)

    I don't know about the colors, but I'm on a Mac and they are beautifully vibrant.

  6. You're such a great photographer.
    I'm new at this blogging thing but enjoy reading your posts.
    I hope you find a way to simplify life, and if you do, please share! :)

  7. Raisin toast with cinnamon...I want some too! What a lovely post idea, one that I would love to borrow one day.

    PS: Thank you thank you again for coming over on Saturday. It was such a pleasure to meet you and Stephen in person

    PSS: Yes I need to get myself to Iceland too! On my bucket list, but mght have to wait til Alex is 18. lol

    1. Let's go to Iceland together and leave our men at home ;)

  8. I'm always wasting too much time day dreaming (and pinning too ;) ) of little ones and little houses. One day :)

  9. Gorgeous frames and lovely list. <3

  10. Oooh Sam I like this a lot :) I might steal it :P

    Love the photo of Stephen!


  11. What's up with Obama and the media making a hissy fit over his selfies anyway? It's so sad it's hysterical. following: the path my Lord takes me - spot on. :) You have new follower on GFC, bloglovin and insta now!

    1. Yeh it is a bit absurd isn't it? Its strange what the media says is newsworthy and what isn't.

      Thanks for following lovely. Its nice to have fellow Christ-followers on here x

  12. I love reading these posts and your's was awesome. I think you've inspired me to do my own!! Definitely will in the next few days when I have a free moment... :) Have a good day!! xx

    1. I'm looking forward to reading it when you post it! Let me know when you do x

  13. I just now realized that ABM is selling presets. So cool! I love the folk set. I'm gonna be purchasing that soon!

    Your pictures are so dreamy. :)

    Also, YES to always to dreaming of a new house and babies. *sigh*

  14. the presets are pretty neat! and i am dreaming of iceland as well. i've seen pictures of it recently and didn't realize how breathtaking it was.

  15. I just found your blog and I love it! Amazing photographs, very whimsical!
    Keep up the amazing work <3

  16. stunning photos! i love the first one the most :)

  17. Love this post! It inspired me to make my own version.
    Feel free to check it out :)

  18. I love this post. I might have to make my own list. I like how you said, "the cool winter breeze that has settled into my days." It's so poetic!

  19. Oh, and about the clean clothes finally finding a home? I think we must be long-lost sisters. I'm embarrassed at how long I go before I put away my clothes. And then when I do, I marvel at how uncluttered my bedroom is.

    1. I am the exact same. My room is a mess again :( I dont know how it manages to keep happening. I need some help I think


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