Friday, 23 May 2014

Inspired | Foodie

I haven't picked up my camera once this week and you know what? I don't feel guilty.

I do however feel hungry and, as a result, felt inspired to go through my 'Food' board on Pinterest to metaphorically feed this hunger of mine.

Whilst scrolling, I discovered two things.

  1. I am obsessed with desserts. It seems to be a growing problem in my life
  2. I am a disgrace to women everywhere.
You see, cooking is not my forte and looking through my pins made me envy all of you who are geniuses in the kitchen.

I want to be able to make great food. Food that is firstly edible (probably important) as well as uniquely my own. What family recipes will I pass on to my future children? How am I ever going to keep my future husband alive when I'm cooking dinner that night? Will I become best buds with the local fire department when they are forced to visit my home weekly due to an overcooked meal?

Goodness, how I worry. 

Now I want you to know that I have been blessed with a wonderful education. I studied hard and I have the results to prove it but what use is all of that if I can't even cook, sew or change a tire on a car?! I feel that home economics is something they should bring back into the schooling system.

Trigonometry? When will I ever use that again in my life? But mastering the kitchen, the sewing machine and basic safety skills? Now that is something everyone needs to learn.

I feel like I have gone off topic.

What I really wanted to ask was for some suggestions for the hopeless chef that I am. What are some of your favourite meals to cook? Were these recipes handed down to you or did you just conjure it up yourself one day?

What is your secret? Help a sister out ?!

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  1. I am definitely not a whiz in the kitchen, but I can cook. I have had my fair share of mishaps though! I like to do pasta, because it's usually quick and easy, just be careful when you're pouring liquids into a hot pan and do it slowly. I did it too fast once and now I always turn the burner off and let it cool slightly, because I'm a little paranoid now. :) Baking is definitely what I'm best at. I think most of the recipes I have saved are desserts and breads/muffins.

  2. when i first sarted cooking, i went the whole "sandre dee, semi-homemade" route. you know, using a can of cream of mushroom to make a chicken noodle casserole and throwing in some broccoli florets for good measure { is actually a great strating point}. but as i got more and more comfortable in the kitchen, i began playing with the recipes and after that, didn't even use recipes any more. i think you'll find cooking a lot like photography; you start with the camera on atuomatic setting but as you learn more, you use the manual setting and develope your own way. good luck and have fun with it!

    1. ahh such a good way to describe it! thanks for the encouragement :)

  3. uh yum.

    also, you just have to practice haha. i'm still not the best at cooking but it all starts with following recipes and then you just get better at it. but also firemen are hot so i guess starting fires wouldn't be sooo bad.

    just kidding

    (a little)


  4. I can't cook and we don't even have family recipe....
    I hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Girl! I cant even get boiling an egg right. For reals. I agree with the school thing. I had cooking/sewing for one semester, and it was fun, but I think they should've done it every year. Especially your last year. I have made lasagna a couple times and enjoyed it. It is fairly easy, the recipe I use is from my mom :)

    1. If I can make good lasagne, I think I am set for life!

  6. haha Sam, such truth and wisdom!
    This has to be one of the things we can chat about on Saturday because I was genetically gifted with the desert gene, and I make some mean recipes :P

  7. Like Abbey said, it's just practice. A cool way to get better at cooking would be to challenge yourself somehow, probably make it reasonably specific, because this year I was like, I challenge myself to cook more, and I have now cooked a grand total of 2 meals, which I can unfortunately tell myself that it fulfils the challenge because I have in fact cooked more than last year, where I did not cook at all. (just fyi for people who don't know me, I still live at home) :)

  8. I wish I could cook and bake just as well. But unfortunately, I couldn't cook or bake for the life of me either!

  9. I wasn't much of a cook until five years ago, when I started dating my (now) fiance, and we only saw each other on weekends, so our "thing" was cooking dinner for each other on Friday nights. My suggestion would be rather than tackling an entire menu of new things in one meal, cook one thing you're comfortable with and try something new from a source you trust. There are a lot of terrible recipes on the internet, and unfortunately, it takes a little experience to recognize the bad ones before it's too late (an epic failure on your stove). But, that's the way to learn, and mistakes taught me as much as success did!

    1. Can't wait to start cooking for my man. I feel that's when I truly will find my place in the kitchen


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