Friday 27 June 2014

Friday Blues

that is all i can really say right now

the last few weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster and i haven't even made my way through half of the track. june is always a busy month and when i'm busy i get anxious and when i'm anxious i get 'blah'

thankfully june is over next week and i can use july to prepare for the busy august that is fast approaching.

i want to be more proactive with my busyness though. too often i just lie on my bed and think about all the things i have to do without actually doing a single thing. so today i have written out a to-do list. it's long, too long in fact, but it gives me structure and it makes it easier to sort out the mess that is my life right now.

ahh jeez, this is all coming across rather 'complainy' which i don't want my blog to be.

i'm off to go drink some tea and eat some cake.

so i don't leave you disappointed, here are some links that i've been loving this last week. i like the idea of sharing things i have found and discovered with you. i might make it a weekly thing. maybe.

  • "kindness doesn’t mean that we don’t express our anger, but the kindness informs how we choose to express the anger" - great article on forming lasting relationships. i think i have a lot to learn and improve on.
  • almost five weeks till i go away. do you reckon i can stick to the 30 day beach body challenge until then? i don't think so...
    • maybe i could start running instead?
  • "the problem with facebook is we compare everyones highlight reel to our behind the scenes" - this video is an eye opener.
  • who wants to run away with me and go to this place? i want to go and sing the opening number from the lion king on the top.
  • the wonderful beverly featured me on her blog this week. i'm talking all things photography. check it out!
  • wanting to take part in this e-course but not knowing if i will have enough time.
  • i found this video insanely fascinating. people are moving all around the world all the time. it makes you feel quite small doesn't it?
  • i wish it were summer so i could make these yummy popsicles.
  • oh how i want this beauty. come to mama!
  • also, can you sit for three minutes and concentrate on this video? i dare you.

    happy weekend to you all! what do you have planned?

    p.s. totally didn't use capital letters in this post. i be breaking all the rules ;)


    1. Tea and cake is the solution to just about any problem, I think! Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. x

    2. Whenever I turn to tea and cake, I never regret it. I think it's unanimous that you made the right decision. ;) As far as weekend plans go, sleeping is definitely up there! And possibly buying a car, so yaay!

      1. oh that's exciting! did you end up getting it?

    3. I definitely relate to how you feel - I think it's a case of the winter blues and because it's the middle of the year and it's really hard to find any kind of inspiration in life and we're kind of just existing, almost like robots just doing what needs to be done and not enjoying any of it. At least that's how I feel about it all.
      Hope you have a relaxing weekend & keep calm during a hectic month! x

    4. I get what you mean, sometimes my anxiety paralyses me and I can barely get out of bed, but the longer I lie in bed the more stressed I get!

      Where are you going in 5 weeks? :)

    5. oh, I love June. it's my favourite month and I'm sad to see it go... xo

    6. I'm feeling a little complainy too, ha. Here's to July!
      Thanks for the blog mention ;)

    7. That's what we need sometimes. A break with tea and cake.

      This weekend I don't really have much planned to be honest, but hopefully something good comes out of it!

      Naturally Jes

    8. Love you Sam :)
      And I believe in you too!

      If you ever need to offload your blah, I'm here for you sista! haha xx

    9. It's a perfect weekend for hot tea and some cake.

    10. SAAAMMM!!! I miss you! i miss reading your blog! this is the first time in FOREVER i have gotten over here to read it! i hope you get your blues out! wear some flowers or something! =)


      1. Abbey! I've missed you :) good to have you back on my space again. I've really been enjoying your new blog space too. Its so wonderful. You should be proud x

    11. Hope you find some pep for your step. Something that has really helped me be productive is It's a game and a to do list.

      Also, that video kind of put social media into perspective. I was recently really coveting a friend on a trip to Hawaii. She kept posting all these beautiful pictures of white sand and cocktails in tiki huts. When she got home, I found out that trip had been a last ditch attempt at saving her marriage and it hadn't worked. I never would have known from the pictures. I felt bad, obviously my friend needed some emotional support but I was too busy being jealous of her to notice there were no pictures of her and her husband together.


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