Sunday 8 June 2014

Sunday Loving

^I'm obsessed. What more can I say?  

Eating / Just finished a wonderfully authentic Lebanese wrap mmmm.
Drinking / Water (majorly dehydrated these days)
Practicing / Trust. Trust in God's timing for me. 
Buying / The Sigma 35mm f/1.4 Lens. I am in love. Images above were taken with her.
Mastering / Said lens ^^
Learning / How to be patient
Trying / To figure out whether I should buy the iphone 5S or wait for the 6 in September. I just dropped my Samsung (today!) and the screen is shattered :( What do you think I should do?
Playing / A certain game that would be too 'nerdy' to admit on here
Finishing / So many things. June is always the busiest month
Reading / The Goldfinch. Turns out I'm a reader now. This book is amazing so far. Cannot put it down.
Remembering / It's my birthday next week! I keep forgetting. 
Wearing / Two pairs of stockings and lots of layers. My body apparently doesn't cope well with the cold.
Cooking / Brownies in mugs (more like baking I suppose. Does it still count?)
Working / More? Less? It's hard to tell.
Traveling / More. Definitely more. Got a few more trips planned this year that I cannot wait to share with you.
Wanting / To take a nap. So that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Ciao! xx


  1. I need to know what game you're playing now after saying it was 'too nerdy', hehe. Please do share.

    Can't wait to see what you have in store in regards to your travelling. :)

    1. Hehe, that's a secret I'll never tell. x o x o

    2. Gossip Girl!

      lol sorry, I'll be going now :P
      Oh and also, I have that very lens on my goals board! I am glad to see you are loving it!
      And keep on the water, my skin is suffering from my lack of water at the moment so I am on a mission to drink a lot this week :)

  2. ou la laaaa! that lens is working wonders. gorgeous shots.

  3. Lovely, lovely things. The images taken with the 35mm 1.4 are just wow, i'm speechless.

  4. These images are perfect- the lighting is just fabulous! Loved reading about all the little things that you are up to!

  5. nice post! great photos ;)

  6. lovely portraits and happy pre-birthday!! You have me craving a Lebanese wrap and maybe a nap afterwards too :)

    1. Every time I eat a big meal, a nap just seems to follow ha!

  7. Amazing photos! Love this post SO much! :)

  8. Woah these images are so lovely - the 35mm lens is wonderful, wow!
    I want to read the Goldefinch, keep us updated about what you think of it :D

  9. yeay for new camera toys! by the looks of these photos, i'd say your on your way to mastering that 35mm - amazing shots {and cute subject!} ;)

  10. Can't wait to hear about travels. Love the photos!

  11. He is cute! Nice pictures.

  12. Lovely photos! That lens is awesome.

    Oooh, I want to read The Goldfinch to - glad to hear it's a page turner!

    Hmm maybe...

  13. Arghh 1.4 - these photos are beautiful! Awesome lens. Yes to layering right now. I've been wearing leggings under leggings :/ It probably looks like I've been eating too much cake but hey, I'm warm. Excited to hear where you're travelling to next, always keen to get some travel inspo x

  14. Oh happy birthday in advance, Sam! Have a good one x

  15. sometimes trusting the timing of God and being patient aren't always the easiest things to do, but they're so worth it! stay warm and hydrated. :)


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