Wednesday 11 June 2014

Through our eyes

photos taken from a recent trip to the flower markets

Over dinner with friends the other night, we discussed the complexity that is colour.

Stephen is slightly colour blind and I find that so fascinating. I find it amazing that he sees the world so differently to me and it's a world I will never see for myself.

We then started talking that perhaps we are all colour blind to some degree. What I see pink to be, may not be what you see that same shade to be. Coral and Salmon; are they interchangeable? Or are they different? Turquoise and Jade; is there a difference?

I have also found that it's not only colour that we see differently from others, it's everything. Our eyes are our own and therefore we see everything in a slightly different shade than the person next us. Beauty, career, life and love - we all see these differently.

My picture of success may not match up to yours, but does that mean my eyes are wrong? Is someone who is colour blind less of a person because he/she cannot tell if that t-shirt is green or yellow? Perhaps it actually would look better in yellow.

They say you can't truly know a person until you walk around in their shoes and while this is true, I think that you can never truly know a person till you see the world through their eyes. Crazy thing is, we never will.

I guess the point that I'm trying to make, through all this jumble of words, is that we can never truly know a person 100%. We can know them inside and out and back to front but there is a part of them we won't always understand. I think that's a good thing though. We are each individuals, living our own lives, our own way. We must be weary therefore, to not be so quick to judge. Just because we disagree, does not make them wrong and just because someone disagrees with us, doesn't mean we're wrong either.

Don't judge unless you've seen the world through their eyes.

Which means, I suppose, don't judge at all.


  1. beautifully written, as usual. your posts are always so inspiring.

  2. ah.
    this is perfect, Samantha.
    i have often pondered this myself and i think it is part of what helps make others photography so facinating, especially if it's of everyday things. we can see it the way the photographer sees it.
    but anyway,
    "don't judge unless you've see the world through their eyes.
    which means, i suppose, don't judge at all."
    thank you for this.

  3. This is such an interesting thing to think about. I think about how different artists see the world a lot, particularly the difference between painters during the renaissance and the impressionist movement. Both styles are so different and at the time, impressionism was seen to be quite odd because it wasn't realistic and I keep wondering how they decided to paint like that or what was it that they saw that sparked that idea?

    1. Me too. All of this.

      This is why I love art so much. You catch a glimpse of another persons vision and its so uniquely wonderful

  4. So many interesting points here Sam! I often think about colourblindness as my boyfriend can't see red and green at all. When I get into a real thinking sesh about it I find it so odd it bewilders me a fair bit, haha. How he finished a photography degree is beyond me.

    But I get thinking about what others see compared to me - how do we know we're not colourblind and what my boyfriend sees is right?!

    :/ or something like that..

    1. It makes your brain go round and round doesnt it!?

  5. I love that thought. i love the idea of not knowing someone completely because then discovering them will never cease to be an adventure. and the adventure will never be over because there is always something new to know.

    beautiful pictures by the way!


  6. All these thoughts from thinking about color blindness, ha! Crazy. And interesting, of course.

  7. I was totally unaware about Stephen being slightly colour blind. This is fascinating!

    This actually made me giggle to myself a little because not too long ago, whilst having dinner with Kev and his family, Kev, Kev's dad and I discussed how we may see colours differently from each other. For example, is the colour red, red for anyone else? Or is it just red through my eyes? What is red? Why is it red? What if their red is their blue?

    It's crazy. Interesting, but crazy!

  8. ditto what abbey said.^^ i think that's a beautiful thought! i love how you said just because somebody sees the world differently doesn't mean they're wrong. such a good reminder!
    also, your photos are lovely, i so want to see if i can find a local flower market around here. :)

  9. i love your last two sentences. so true. sometimes hard to practice but always good to keep in our heads and hearts.

  10. absolutely beautifully said. color is such a funny thing-that's why i love photography, and post processing-you can tweak the colors of an image to demonstrate to others how you see the world

    Little Blue Backpack

  11. Such lovely photos and I agree 100% with not judging - wouldn't the World be so much more amazing/nicer if we were all a little more conscious of our judging ways!

  12. Oh these flowers are stunning. They are really unusual, not your bog standard carnations. I wouldn't have been able to control myself!

    Emma x

  13. Wow. I needed to read this. I often feel misunderstood in life -- I guess that is the plight of a person who writes or enjoys creative endeavours. I've always tried to be a carrier of empathy everywhere I go, but even I have judged when I shouldn't have. You are so right, thank you for this, it came at the perfect time.

    Also, those flowers. I could just rest my head right there and sleep.

    Love, Amy xx

    1. Carrying empathy gets really heavy after a while but with endurance comes strength. You are a strong woman. Dont give up!

  14. A wonderfully portrayed message! To each their own, as they say. Individualism is important in such a vast world; that you are too right about. :))



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