Wednesday 30 July 2014

Monthly Snapshots | July

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A snapshot of my comings and goings.

Okay everyone.

Listen up.

I have over 400 unread blog posts to read

3 shoots to finish editing

and an overseas holiday to pack and prepare for.

oh, and I have plenty of hands to shake and babies to kiss in the meantime.


I hope you can all bear with me as I get through the next month. My posts will be sparse and my engagement might be lower than usual but I am still here and I am still in love with this home we've created together.

July has been a wonderful month. It was crazy, yes, but it was wonderful. I moved forward in my career, I travelled with friends and I fell more in love with my creative self (perhaps I am creative after all).

But July also helped me figure out what it means to be an adult. There are responsibilities to attend to and lessons to learn. And there will be days where my partner is having a bad day but so am I and we can't support each other 100%. There will be days weeks where my bedroom looks like a bomb site. There will be days where I skip the gym and go get a cheeseburger from McDonalds. There will be days where I just can't do it all...and that is A-Okay.

I feel like lately, all I have been doing on this space is complain about time; the lack of time, the speed of time, the uncontrollable nature of time, and frankly I don't want to complain anymore. It's not what I want this space to be about. So instead I am going to take a little break, or perhaps just a mental break from the pressures of having to blog several times a week. I'll share when I share and I'll read your posts when I get the chance. You're all so valuable to me and I don't want to dampen our relationship by my constant complaining.

August is scheduled to be even crazier than July but I know I can get through it. It's going to be fun and I will share than fun and enjoyment with you when I get the chance. Because happiness is more fun when it's shared with someone else.

Right? x


  1. To-do lists are always so long and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. I know the feeling quite well!! I have a million projects half finished and the end is no where in sight. :(

    I hope that you take it easy every now and then + don't get too overwhelmed!! PS I love all these photos!! They're all so pretty!!! xo

  2. Have a great time Sam! Do not stress about us, we will still be here when things calm down :)
    Lots of love! x

  3. I agree you should just blog when you want too :) Also important to recharge and have fun! On a side note your pictures make me want to drink coffees and juices and pat kangaroos!! have fun :)

  4. wow. busy! and i LOVE that picture of you feeing the kangaroo. so adorable! frame that one!


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