Friday 22 August 2014

4 years.

Warning: It's about to get a whole lot sappy on here

This guy.

It's been 4 years since we first whispered "I love you" to each other and I can easily say we've never regretted saying those words. We've never thought twice about it. Never.

Life with this man is certainly an adventure. It's a tough adventure sure, but it's a great one, one I couldn't imagine doing with anyone else.

We may not be married or living with each other, so I get that there is plenty that we don't yet know or understand but to me that is so exciting! We have so much life left to live and I'm lucky I can do it with him by my side.

He has helped me grow into a person I am proud of. He has led me in great ways and helped me through so much pain. He has supported me through all my wacky ideas and dreams and he has held my hand as I walked along the narrow roads. Oh and he makes me laugh, like the kind of laughter that makes your stomach hurt.

I am blessed beyond all measure and I thank God for him every day.

Happy Anniversary Stephen. I love you x


  1. Hi when you get married i'm coming to photograph it okay?

    this was really great and i love his shirt.


  2. Congratulations! It's such a milestone, and I wish you many more years and memories together!

  3. You two are darling & lovely. I'm so happy for you. Having a supporter in your dreams really is the best thing.

  4. Oh, y'all are adorable. Congratulationssssssss. I'm sure y'all will have many, many more years together and I'll be here to read about every sappy one ;)

  5. That is really sweet. Beautiful photography!

    Katrina Sophia

  6. this is so cute! your photography is amazing, and that sweater=A+
    the little diary

  7. awww, congrats to you both, that's so sweet! <3

  8. Happy 4 years! His sweater is awesome by the way....

  9. How sweet - congrats on four years - I'm sure you feel married on your hearts :)

  10. aww, this is THE sweetest post - happy anniversary!

    from helen at // blog sale

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  11. Aww congratulations! Happy belated anniversary. You two are truly adorable - if my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, I may have seen you two in Melbourne over the weekend! I think it was you anyway, haha. You two are even cuter in person. (Hopefully did not come across as a creeper comment!)

    1. We were there! We went just for the day on Friday :) oh what a small world we live in x

  12. Congratulations Sam. :)

    You two are beautiful for each other, from what I can see. :)

  13. So sweet. Congrats on the 4 years. It just keeps getting better, huh? Happy anniversary! :)


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