Tuesday 5 August 2014

There were moments

There were moments in Tasmania when it was just the two of us.

We went on walks by the river and sat on the jetty and threw rocks, watching them make ripples in the still water.

He took photos of me. I took photos of him.

And things were good.

I love adventuring with this guy. I really do. If I could runaway and live my life, just us two, on the open road, I would.

But alas! life has other plans.


I'm off to New Zealand today for a week long ski trip with some girlfriends. To be honest, I'm a little anxious. Anything that isn't part of my 'normal routine' makes me a little strange, so some prayer and love would be much appreciated this week.

Though, I am excited. I am excited to be away from my 'normal routine'. Perhaps it will be good for me. Perhaps I will enjoy it.

Only time will tell.

I will catch you all up when I get back. Let's hope I don't break anything on those slopes!



  1. you are gorgeous, he is handsome. such a great pair. amazing photographs and your hat is so lovely!

  2. Cool! Sounds great. Can't wait to hear about it :)

  3. Stunning! Hope you had an amazing time x

  4. You look so beautiful. Winter looks good on you lady! Have a wonderful trip. x

  5. Breaking away from routine for a bit will serve you well :) No doubt about that, knock yourself out Sam. (Not literally, no!)

  6. These are beautiful photos. And I agree. If I could live with my husband traveling the world I would be okay with that. :)

  7. You're darling. Have fun on your trip to New Zealand.

    Also, your adventure looks wonderful. I really need something like this, a simple walk by the river or lake in good weather. That would be so so good.

  8. So jealous it is your winter. It is so hot where I live! I miss wearing sweaters! Enjoy your trip xo

    1. I do miss the beach though! Some good sun is much needed

  9. That's lovely you got some alone time (love your cute jumpers too!) I hope your upcoming trip is fun! I think I get worried about changes in schedule but sometimes (mostly always) they end up being a fun divergence - so I hope this is for you too!

  10. Wow! Your photos are beautiful. Have a lovely time darling xo

  11. I love exploring. This post somehow reminds me of when we were younger, and we would go exploring around our grandparents farm, down little streams and through orchards.
    I hope you are enjoying/have enjoyed your time in NZ Sam. :)

  12. I can't get over these photos. Beautiful! They make me long for fall...crisp air, leaves falling from the trees, warm drinks.


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