Friday 19 September 2014

Friday // Link Love

Establishing shots from a recent shoot. Can't wait to share the rest of the images with you.

It's Friday again. How does this keep happening? Every week I'm left baffled at how fast the days roll by and how next week is the last full week of September. Can I get a 'say whaaaat!?'

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I've been a little lost for words lately. Things have been shifting in my life and even though they are exciting changes, they are also overwhelming and I am taking time to rest and let myself smoothly transition into these new chapters.

So for all the words I couldn't say this week but wanted to, here are those who spoke for me:
On Anxiety
  • I'm not pregnant, but Jodi's article soothed me greatly. I'm putting Yoga on my to-try list. 
  • When You Say NO To Others, You Say YES To Yourself! A great lesson to learn.
  • Bethany talks about slowing down. Great tips.
  • Fear & Creativity - Kenzie talks about how to deal with that battle
On Relationships
  • Seth Rogen on marriage -- "With me and my wife, the easiest part of my life is my marriage. Like if everything was as smooth and easy and fun as my relationship with my wife then I would have a much easier time getting through the day. We really get along and we like the same stuff."
  • Shannon's description of her love with Joerg, reminds me of the words I wish I could use to describe my love with Stephen.
On Success and Self-Worth
  • While I don't plan on living my 20s exactly like this, there are some great pieces of advice in here. I wonder what my future self is going to tell my present self one day.
  • God is so good. He really is, but I forget to seek Him in my everyday. This article was a great reminder for me. 
  • Jo is always a great source of advice!
  • and here she is again!
  • 14 steps to improve your photography.
Featured on
And just because
  • This made me chuckle. 
  • No matter how many tutorials I read or watch, I'll never get this right.

"The show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30...What I learned about bombing as a writer at Saturday Night is that you can’t be too worried about your "permanent record." Yes, you’re going to write some sketches that you love and are proud of forever—your golden nuggets. But you’re also going to write some real shit nuggets. And unfortunately, sometimes the shit nuggets will make it onto the air. You can’t worry about it. As long as you know the difference, you can go back to panning for gold on Monday." --- Tina Fey


  1. I loved those career tips from smart women quotes :) I feel you on exciting and overwhelming changes, I feel like October is going to be even crazier! Hope all these lovely words from peeps and thoughts help you get through it all :)

  2. September is rolling on by pretty quickly but I'm glad you still grabbed hold of enough time to put this post together. Some of these links have now found a home in my bookmarked folder and I would just like to say thank you! :)

    Mo x

  3. I agree the the weeks and months go by way too quickly! I thought it just turned September and here we are already mid-month!

  4. Thanks so much for including me, Sam :) I can read the Dear Sugar columns over and over again. I bought her book, Tiny,Beautiful Things for this reason; Cheryl Strayed has thoughtful, heartfelt and real advice on just about everything.

  5. I love link love. I am in tab heaven as we speak :)
    Love you Sam! x

  6. thank you for sharing these links

  7. I just love these sharing posts!

    p.s: Can't for you to share the rest of the photos, they look beautiful!

  8. Can't wait to see the rest of these photographs. :)

  9. Your photos are gorgeous!! And I'm so excited to read some of these posts...they sound incredible. So glad to have stumbled on your blog :-)

  10. such beautiful photos, I especially love the 4th and 5th ones down. I dont think Ill ever be able to do cat eyes either, I always just feel ridiculous and end up wiping it off!


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