Monday 15 September 2014


I've missed this little space of mine. It's only been five days since I last spoke to you but missing my Friday post seemed to throw me off. In ways I'm glad I missed it because if I started typing through the hectic roller coaster my mind was going through, nothing would have made sense and nothing would have seemed right on here. 

But now I feel the need the write, and the urge to share.

I've been staring out through glass a lot these past few days but the strange thing is I've only just discovered what I've been looking through. When I first started my pondering and my dreaming, I thought I was staring through a glass wall, out into a world far better than my own. I would look out and see success, and family and love and comfort and all the things I ever wanted but I knew I couldn't ever get there; I can't walk through walls after all.

But I'm starting to see something. I'm realising these walls I've been looking through earnestly, aren't actually walls at all; they're windows. The glass can indeed open up and I can indeed reach out to my dreams and my goals, if only I had the courage to do so.

And that's the funny thing. Sometimes I feel I don't have the confidence to jump through the window. Sometimes I feel I have known all along that pushing the little knob on the glass would open up new opportunities and dreams, but the idea frightened me and instead I hid in my cosy corner of denial.

I'm not sure how long it's going to take to be able to make that jump through the glass opening in the wall. I may never take that leap, I may take it this afternoon and jump straight back into my cosy room or I may need some help to push me through. Despite how long it takes however, at least I now know that the outside world I once looked out upon and dreamed of isn't unattainable after all.

It's right there, waiting for me.


  1. Wow Sam. I love it. Both the photography and the writing. This post has got to be one of my favorites! You're not alone regarding such fears. I believe we all have it and it's just a matter of time before we make the jump.

  2. Beautiful portraits. That horrible, wonderful comfort zone that is always pulling us back, but I believe you can resist. You're so talented and brave.

  3. Oh, so true! I love this as usual. Love all of your thoughts. And whatever it is you're dreaming of, I'm sure you can attain it. You seem like quite the capable woman to me.

  4. Your writing never fails to leave me spellbound. Such a beautiful concept, and photos!
    x Erin

  5. Where is this place Sam?! It looks amazing with that big old window and the beautiful light coming through.

    1. These are old images from my trip to Tasmania. My friend owns a lovely olden style farm house - so so beautiful!

  6. I have fallen in love with these photos, the light is just spectacular Sam.

    I very much appreciate this metaphor, I'm currently gazing through some windows myself. x

  7. Oh, your figurative musings are genius. Never stop sharing them. :)


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