Friday 31 October 2014

Monthly Snapshots | October

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A snapshot of my comings and goings.

The month of October is always a little bit exciting. Everyone seems to be celebrating their birthdays, the weather gets exponentially warmer and mangoes start to come in season. Babies are born and people fall in love and it's just truly a wonderful time. Can I get a hip hip hooray?!

I've learnt a lot this month, about myself and the world. I've learnt that I'm not as extroverted as I used to be, no longer do I yearn to go out partying with a big group of friends, no...I'd rather just sit at home with a glass of cider watching the series Fargo. But can you really blame me? It's seriously so good!

I've also learnt a lot about my friends (see previous post) and I'm coming to terms with the idea that I don't really have that many at the end of the day. In saying though, I'm not really fussed. I used to think success or self-worth came from the abundance of people your surround yourself with and so in my later teen years I made sure I put myself out there and had people I could call on whenever I needed to. My house was always packed to the brim when I had a party and my MSN list always had at least twenty people online (even at 1am). Now my life tells a very different story.

I've also learnt that my body, though small, is rather unhealthy. I have weak muscles and weak bones (according to my physio) and if I don't strengthen them up I may see myself struggling in my older years. He also told me my ass is rather weak. I'm still trying to figure out how I should react to that.

November is going to be a month (I hope) in which I push myself to improve. I want to strengthen my productivity, in work and in my blog. I want to strengthen my relationships with the people I love, and even those I don't. I want to strengthen my health and my body, including my ass (any tips?). And I want to strengthen my mental state in a way that I can feel satisfied even if I don't achieve any of these things.

My girlfriend sent me this article yesterday and so much of it rings true to me. I waste a lot of my time worrying about what I will one day worry about and less time actually living. I spend too much time on technology and instead of trying to justify every single one of my idiotic choices, I choose to listen to Taylor Swift on the loudest volume my phone can go.

I can't yet say that being in your twenties is hard, I mean how can I judge when I haven't even lived through most of mine? But what I can say is so far it's pretty confusing, it's full of expectations and disappointments, but it's also pretty exciting. I don't want to waste my twenties worrying or thinking too much about every single bobby pin I put in my hair and what that may mean in the bigger picture of my life. No, I want to wake up, drink my iced tea and work out on my ass with peace of mind and freedom of heart.

Here's to next month and the potential movement it may bring! xx

p.s. Happy Halloween to all my American friends out there!


  1. I always, always, always love your photos! Hip hip hooray! I love what you said about friends because my life is reflecting that as well. I don't have many but all my friends are "life friends" and I can count on them for anything that I need :') Hope November is a good month for you!

  2. great plans for November ;) best of lucks!
    lovely pics!

  3. What you said about friends was interesting. My circle of friends has always been smallish as I don't really put myself out there. Depending where you are with fitness I think the 7 minute workout is a good way to ease into it!

  4. these are such lovely pictures and great plans! xx arushee

    the gifts are always unadorned

  5. Beautiful photos, and sadly enough I still have the same friend problem, but I've realized I choose quality over quantity so find a BFF and you will be golden!

  6. I feel like the end of the year always gets more and more exciting! Here's to the fun adventures ahead :)

  7. I read that article a few days ago and many parts of it rang true for me. Goodluck for November :)

  8. I'm 29, and I have to agree with you. Your 20's are C-R-A-Z-Y. So much changes in such a relatively short amount of time. But just know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. As far as friends go- your closest friends will probably still be there, but yah a lot of people will come and go (and that's definitely okay too). Beautiful blog and photographs.

  9. "I can't yet say that being in your twenties is hard, I mean how can I judge when I haven't even lived through most of mine? But what I can say is so far it's pretty confusing, it's full of expectations and disappointments, but it's also pretty exciting"

    Exactly! You are always so spot-on, which is why I love reading what you write. I've been overwhelmed lately with confusion about what I should do with my life. Sometimes I want to buckle down, be really responsible and build a sturdy life with a sturdy foundation. Other times, I want to spend my life savings taking adventures and enjoying myself before I have a family and career. I don't know. Anyway. Just know there are many people in the same boat!

    1. This is why i love blogging - sometimes it's just enough to know that you're not alone ya know?

  10. one legged dead lifts (with no weight, just work on balance!) and one legged squat (no weight, just balance.) three sets of ten each.

    you will be crying, but i have had no better thing for my butt.


  11. such wonderful snapshots. i have felt the same way with friends. i had so many and always hung out in groups. then they became layers. and now i have about 5 close close girlfriends who i call my true friends - the friends who are there during my happy times and sad times. i found out through some hard ways that some people wanted to be next to you during your tough times, felt like a weird power trip, and during my happy times they were spiteful and tried to pull me down. it was terrible until i weeded them out. wishing you a lovely november. xx

  12. I feel like we have gone through some similar transitions in terms of friendships and understanding what that means. In the last year or two I have really become aware of a new feeling for me – that I would much rather be a very good friend to a few than an average friend to many. But then I feel guilty that I’m not being a good friend to some people who used to be a huge part of my life so it’s a kind of a weird thing. My circle of friends has grown smaller and smaller but I am trying to make it more and more meaningful as that happens. I too am trying to strengthen my relationships with people I love. Relationships and communicating with people has become important to me in a way that I never understood before. That includes my new blog friends such as yourself… Although I just couldn’t make a meetup work I have high hopes for it happening when we’re next back… and I hope we can keep in touch in the next year via the good old internet because I just think you’re rad Sam!

    PS let me know how you go re: ass workout! That’s another goal of mine for the next year… To get fitter! My ass and legs definitely could use some work! If you have any tips I’d love to hear.


    1. It's tough isn't it. There are so many people I have just lost touch with and it took me a while to know that was okay, it was mutual, and while it's sad to close one door it means I can open up several others or even strengthen the ones I already have.
      It's weird but sometimes I feel closer to my blog friends than my actual friends. Is that wrong of me? I'm not sure

      P.s. I will definitely let you know! my ass is all over the place, needed to tighten that thing up haha


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