Wednesday 1 October 2014

Monthly Snapshots | September

Instagram - @sambam

A snapshot of my comings and goings.

And just like that, it's October.

The first month of Spring was a lovely one. It saw me putting away my coats and bringing out the cardigans. My legs were shaved, my windows were put down and I put on sunscreen for the first time.

I can really feel the shift this year. It has come rather suddenly and taken us all aback. One minute it was Winter, and just like that it was Summer. It's safe to say I'm loving it.

October is set to be busy and pro-active. There are lots of projects I am working on, concerts to attend, birthdays to celebrate, people to see and weddings to shoot. But for the first time in a while, I am excited.

I feel calmer than I did last month and my mind seems clear. I'm seeing more friends and scheduling in more time for myself, and while it's sad I have to schedule in 'me-time', I believe it's necessary if I want to stay sane. There's only so much crazy that I can handle you know?

I hope this new month and the new season treats you all well. I hope we southerners can enjoy the warmer weather and share in cool cider with one another whereas, my northern friends, I hope you can enjoy the cooler breezes that are coming your way. Snuggle up and keep warm with friends and family.

What does October have in store for you? Anything exciting?


  1. Woah, I just made a very similar Instagram post and just saw yours :) twinsies!
    Oh how I wish I could sit down with you over coffee and have a heart-to-heart with you all about this changing season, weather wise and in life.

    1. Please come over so we can do that! I feel like it is very much needed

  2. I stopped shaving my legs last week...

  3. i just found your blog & have loved reading through some old posts of yours, & you take the most amazing pictures!

  4. still can't get over that photo of you and stephen... i mean c'mon! king and queen of babetown!
    also, amen to the shaved legs. its definitely that time of year - i dread it and love it simultaneously. haha!

  5. October sounds exciting for you! Many best wishes on all your projects!

  6. October, in Florida is still too hot for my liking and rainy... a lot of rain days. But hoping the weather clears up and cools down. :S
    Juli Xx

  7. Goodness, October sounds really busy for you!
    Well, I might be going on a trip next week, and I'm excited :D

  8. sounds like a crazy but full fun month :) I'm off to go add you on instagram - finally got myself a phone and account - woohoo!

  9. Lovely photos here, Sam. Even your Instagram outdoes itself. I'm quite excited for this month too, as it's my birthday month. And spring has been a sure treat. :) Hopefully you get all the time in the world, for everything you set out to do.


  10. That picture of you two from the wedding is a fave! So happy and fun :D
    Oh how I love instagram! I feel like we almost do it for ourselves to look at and reminisce over instead of to share :)


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