Monday 20 October 2014

ten-minute poem

upon my lips
uncertain of what to say, and when to say them

my mind is racing
a million miles a second
and yet all i can see is you

your face, your smile
your messy hair
your perfect nose and the freckle on your ear

even though I sometimes don't know what to say
and even though my mind is racing
you always appear in my sight to ease me

you calm me
you keep me sane
and somehow you just fix me

the seasons are shifting
the storms are upon us and with it comes change
warmer weather
looser shirts
tanned skin and ocean breezes

I can feel it moving, can you?
it moves with me, with us
the light breeze is taking us places I can't even imagine

I think things are about to get better
or worse?
I cant really tell
but it's going to be different
and I like that

and as the steam rises from my tea and fills my nose
I feel free,
like a bird.
I feel free of the pain and the suffering that is around me
I feel free of burden

but not of the burden of you,
no, that is a burden I enjoy
and yes you are a burden sometimes
and sometimes I may seem angry at you for that
but really I love you even more for it
for every annoyance, for every quirk, for every tear
you are a burden I am comfortable with and embrace

because I am a burden on you too
and somehow you still love me

Note: this is a ten-minute poem, which is an exercise I picked up from Bridget's post, found here. I have been finding myself in writers block lately but when I sat down and gave myself 10 minutes to just write, I felt liberated and back to my normal self. This poem doesn't make a whole lot of sense but it doesn't have to. It was written for me.
If you're ever feeling stuck on what to say, maybe you can try a ten minute poem too. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me xx 


  1. Love this idea, will definitely have to try it myself, nice to just have words flow out :)

  2. Beautiful! Love this ten minute poem idea. Samantha heather, writers block???? No!

  3. Beautiful. I would love to be able to write lovely poems. xo

  4. I totally agree Sam. Sometimes I feel that the more randomly I write, the better my output is especially in terms of deep thoughts and poetry. Oftentimes too, it only takes a few minutes for me to finish. I can't explain why but somehow this works for me and I see that it does for you too! I really love this poem. Simple but deep at the same time. I really like that last part a lot. :)

  5. Beautiful words Sam :)
    You did well to describe this change in the seasons x


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