Tuesday 7 October 2014

We must rise

The world can be a dark, dark place.

It is full of sinful people, selfish people, people who hate and people who judge. 

It is full of fear and pain and heart ache...

...and yet, despite all of this, the sun continues to rise every single morning. It takes on a brave face and does its absolute best to brighten up the darkness of the world, to find every sad face and bring to it a smile.

Sometimes I envy the strength of the sun, its ability to always rise every morning, time and time again, without a complaint or a worry.

Sometimes I think it's actually easier to just stay in bed and let the rest of the world pass me by. My fear and my pain are sometimes too much to bear in an hour, let alone a whole day, and I'm expected to put on a brave face and get through it? I don't always know if I have the energy.

But the sun does and something in that motivates me. Watching the sunrise in the morning is a beautiful thing and it shows me, how even if there is darkness in the world, in my world, the sun will always rise to try and make it better.

If the sun can come out of its shell, perhaps I can too.

Perhaps I can put on a brave face and get through each and every day. The night will bring rest and comfort but during the day the sun will provide me with the strength I need to get by.

So here's to this morning, here's to rising up and battling the day, here's to all of you who do the same. We are fighters you know? I want you to remember that.


  1. Haha and if the sun doesn't wake you up, the cold will! Your photos are gorgeous, and I feel I must inform you I am very jealous of wherever it is you are.

    belle + compass

  2. Amazing photos! I want to be where you are regardless of the cold! xo


  3. Sam! Thank you so much! Today was probably one of my gloomiest days with the weather mirroring what I feel. Raining, chilly and dark. This post is so on point and timely. Today may be a dark one but the sun rises tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me Sam. :)

    Lovelots, Anne ♥

  4. Beautiful, Sam! The sun is really resilient huh. I love your perspective. And your photos.

  5. I absolutely love how you write. Thank you for always inspiring others. And yes, we must rise.

    Juli Xx

  6. Are these pictures for real?? You're such a beautiful person, inside and out. I love your writing. I love you photography. I love you blog. I secretly jump for joy when I see a new post from you.

  7. Sam, your writing gives me goosebumps every single time. And the pictures are incredible... I would love to wake up to such an amazing sunset!


  8. amazing! beautiful words, so true!

  9. It really is a battle. One of my favorite scriptures says, "Contend thou, therefore, morning after morning, and day after day."

  10. Your photos always amaze me!

  11. this. this is what i needed to hear. thank you for your honest heart, sweet friend. you are a blessing.

  12. A great perspective on things and I hope you're doing okay! xoxo

  13. I want to cry and hug you and cry some more!
    You are such a gift to this world Sam, never forget that.
    The world is full of hate and violence that too often we concentrate on, but when I see the world, I see love and creative spirits, I see the people like you, who are kind and good at heart despite this world.
    I don't know, I'm just grateful that in making myself get out of bed most days, I found a reason to. And that reason is people like you, and beautiful sights like these x

  14. cheers.
    here's to rising today and battling the day.
    we all have to.
    and thank you for writing this, it is beautiful, and incredibly written...but it speaks volumes to the heart.
    thank you.


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