Thursday 6 November 2014

A Diamond Affair

sixty years
a diamond affair

the same man every day
the same breath
the same embrace
the same smell
the same eyes, 
smiling at you while you make him his tea

you walked down the aisle together
all those years ago
you danced
you slept on the floor
you made a home for yourselves
you created children
whom you loved and love

you moved to Australia
ten pound poms
hoping to start a new life
away from the war

your children grew up
and went different paths
they gave you grandchildren, great grandchildren
and great, great grandchildren.

you started several new generations
you did that

your house smells of cigarette smoke and mothballs
but no one seems to mind
its the smell of your home
and your grandchildren love it

you each have your own chairs
and your own tvs
so he can watch his sport
and you can watch your british dramas

you've probably fought a whole bunch
and disagreed
and slept on the couch from time to time
but who doesn't do that,
the best thing is you stuck together through it all
good times and bad

sixty years you been together
sixty years, side by side
holding each others hand
making tea
writing letters
figuring out how to use a smart phone

you've seen the world change
but I love that through it all you didn't let it change you
you've made it work this long
so you can keep on going strong
with a spring in your step

happy anniversary to you Nan and Granddad
I hope to spend sixty years of my life being in love
It sounds like an adventure
one worth living for
one worth fighting for

Keeping loving
Keep living
Keep inspiring us like you always have

Your granddaughter xx

[a sixty line poem, celebrating 60 years of love shared between my grandparents]


  1. oh my! this is too beautiful! love how you captured their personalities and lifestyles through those photos of their home, and such sweet words ;) thanks for sharing this ;)

  2. this is amazingly touching and beautiful. ah. makes me so warm and teary. sweet tears.

  3. This is so sweet Sam! I can't help but tear up a bit. 60 years is a really long time and I'm sure your grandparents had one epic adventure. They make the world see that true love exists and it can last a lifetime and even more. All that paint. brushes and canvas made me realize that art and creativity runs in your blood. Cheers to them and to you too for making this wonderful post and taking all the lovely photos.

    1. I never thought about inheriting creativity but perhaps I have. I owe my grandparents more than I know x

  4. How beautiful, A lovely tribute to your grandparents- and how amazing is 60 years?

  5. this is so sweet. i hope to be married to my sweetheart for at least this many years too. love is such a wonderful thing.

  6. I LOVED this! This was seriously so cool and beautiful. The pictures, the words, everything. I hope to live long enough to see sixty years of marriage. Wow.

  7. Aw so gorgeous! Congratulations to your grandparents!!

  8. Awww this just melts my heart!

  9. Congrats to your grandparents! This is the sweetest.

  10. aw! love. do you have a polaroid camera? my grandparents gave me one a while ago, but film is so expensive :)


    1. I do! Film is expensive so I make sure I only use it on special occasions :)

  11. So much love. So many memories. These images - those smiles - radiate life. And that's just blummin' wonderful.

    Here's to your Grandparents - Happy 60 years to them!

    Thank you for sharing, Sam <3

  12. Oh, happy 60 years to your grandparents! What a sweet post.

  13. Sam, this was so beautiful. My heart filled with so much joy reading this - cheesy, but so true.

    Happy 60 years to your beautiful grandparents. x

  14. This was just the best.
    Congratulations to your Nan and Granddad!

    I love your Nan's handheld mirror, and all her trinkets and jewellery!
    Your words were really beautiful Sam, love is just the best :) I hope they get the photo of them smiling in the garden put up somewhere, it's gorgeous :)


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