Monday 17 November 2014

Hello summer.

We're in that time of year where the seasons are starting to cement themselves into the ground. Summer is upon us and I can say that now without a doubt. 

Here's how I know:
  • 35°C (95°F) days
  • I can walk around in a bikini and an oversized t-shirt and no one will think twice
  • The water in my pool is warm enough to swim in
  • Ice-cream melts quicker
  • Mangoes are in season
  • I've replaced coffee with iced coffee
  • My freckles are more prominent
  • I don't pack an emergency cardigan in my bag anymore
  • The air con in my car is switched on most of the time
  • Christmas is only 5 weeks away
  • My skin is slightly darker than it was last week
  • and my body is itching to go to the beach each and every day.

With parents born in two very different climates (one wintery, one tropical), I find it hard to settle on where my allegiances lie when it comes to my favourite season. There is something about Winter that is so romantic and cosy and homely, but then there's Summer with all it's lustful adventures and colourful vibes. I'm torn.

Perhaps though it's okay to love both seasons. Perhaps I'm not crazy for loving it all.

I also, irrelevant to this post, love dogs and cats equally.

...and coffee and tea.

So maybe it's just who I am? Lover of all.

What is your favourite season? Am I crazy for loving both?


  1. 35°C days? Whaaaat? I live in NZ and we're in the middle of a storm right now! Can we swap? Please? Haha. I love spring and autumn. I cannot stand the intenseness of winter or summer. I like the start of both seasons but I get fairly "over it" after a couple of weeks. You definitely aren't crazy for loving both because I love two seasons as well!

    1. I think mother nature heard you! I feel a storm brewing on our shores today

  2. We got 44 degrees yesterday - woozers! I love summer though, it makes me super happy and I'd much rather be too hot than too cold because there are all those fun remedies you mentioned - swimming, beach, iced coffees, mangoes! YAY!

    1. 44! oh goodness. I don't know if all the mangoes in the world could cure me from that kind of heat

  3. It's so strange to hear people talking about summer right now as it has finally started to cool off after a really warm few months. Enjoy the heat and the sun.

  4. I'm torn too!

    I absolutely love Winter, but I've grown to love Summer lately too, so I can't choose between either or. But, I will enjoy Summer for the meantime.

    5 weeks until Christmas? Where did the time go?!

  5. You're not crazy Sam. Sometimes it is far better to have the best of both worlds and love opposites at the same time. Kinda weird but it works for me too. :) I also find it really fascinating that your holidays are celebrated during summer season. I'm from a tropical country so we've got no winter here but come December and the air becomes a little chilly.

    -Anne's Scribbles and Doodles-

  6. i am so wishing it was summer. it's my favorite season :) i was never a fan of fall and winter, although this season it's been easier transitioning. but i do love longer nights and getting my feet wet and exploring the outdoors in warmth.

  7. I love how Christmas is associated with summer in Australia and NZ, haha. But gosh, what I would do to be in Australia right now... It's been raining non stop in Paris (I'm really not a fan of rain), and it's getting colder and colder everyday.

    1. Christmas in Paris sounds so romantic! Take some beautiful photos for me

  8. I'm the same way! I was trying to decide on my favorite season last night on a drive home. I can't. When I was younger, I thought it was Summer. Then I got older, and decided on Fall. But then Winter came, and I developed this entirely new appreciation for snow and bundling up and taking advantage of twinkle lights. And THEN came Spring, with her delirious beauty full of blossoms and sunshine and so here I am. Completely unable to pick.

    But that's a good thing, right? We're happy no matter what! That's empowerment.

  9. Send Melbourne your weather please. It doesn't even feel like summer here :'( The only reason I know it's close to Christmas is because: 1) Mangos. 2) I spent the beginning of this month in NSW and it was lovely every day 3) My birthday is next week.

    I'm sick of rain. But I love all the seasons.

  10. Seasons are great like that, right? It would be so boring if the weather were exactly the same all year. I love autumn!! It hasn't quite hit Arizona yet, but at least the temperature has dropped!

  11. I can never really get my head around the idea that, on the other side of the world (just saying that, in itself, should really help me do so!), not only is the climate so different, but your seasons are inverse to ours. W

    hat beautiful images, Sam - yes, you're most definitely making me wish the weather was warmer here but, hey, it seems as though just reading this post urged the sun to show it's face, so I'll be happy with that. For now!

  12. Your freckles are so adorable Sam! I've never even noticed them before!
    I am so the same in summer all my freckles go crazy :)
    My favourite thing about the pre-summer time is the long and late sunsets and evening walks!

  13. it is still beyond weird to me that christmas is warm/summer to you. its like a completely different holiday...

  14. winter defninitely is my favorite season, these photos though ^^

  15. I love that it is beginning to feel like summer, although it certainly has not been anywhere near as warm as 35 degrees! That would be so lovely. :)
    I know it's nearly summer because on sunny days the air is warm, not cold like it is in winter. :)


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