Thursday 27 November 2014

Thankfulness Thursday

As we slowly approach the end of the 2014, we find ourselves looking back on the year that was and giving thanks for all the highs (and even the lows)

Today is Thanksgiving in the States and while we don't celebrate this holiday here in Australia, I felt that now was a better time than ever to write a short list for all I am thankful for today.
  • My Lord Jesus
  • Stephen, and his ability to make me laugh even when I'm being stubborn, grumpy or sad.
  • The friends I can call family
  • The family I can call friends
  • Spring flowers (as seen above)
  • New work opportunities I've been given and hopefully will be given in the future
  • The blessing I have to live in a first world country
  • Having too many clothes
  • Learning more about mental illness and starting open conversations about the subject
  • Thrift shops
  • The chocolate muffin I had for lunch
  • Spotify
  • New and wonderful blogger friends
  • Summer being only a few days away
  • My business and having the support to keep pushing forward
  • The creative ideas my brain is filled with
  • Having the motivation to stick to being a vegetarian all this month
  • Dentists (oh the pain I was in this week)
  • Sherlock (the TV series)
  • and Love. I am always thankful for love.

Maybe you could try writing a list too? If you do, please send me a link in the comments :) I'd love to share in thanks with you.


  1. This is such a wonderful list :) I did something very similar. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. This is lovely! I need to start making personal thankful lists just as a reminder to myself :)

  3. I'm always in two minds when it comes to Thanksgiving. I think it's a really nice idea however I'm often unsure about the origins of the holiday. A Beautiful Mess blog do 'Friendsgiving' each year which I think is really sweet seeing as most of the time, we are all most thankful for our friends and family!

    1. Yes! Friendsgiving sounds so wonderful. Let's plan one together x

  4. I've just fallen in love with your blog and I'm looking forward to following along in the future! You take incredible photographs. I used to try writing a list of things I'm thankful for every week or so, I haven't done it in a few months and you've reminded me I need to pick it up again. Have a lovely weekend!

  5. A lovely idea Sam.

    I wish we did celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia. It's such a beautiful holiday / day. Maybe we'll just have to make it a thing in Australia? :)

  6. That photo is just STUNNING. Can't get over how beautiful it is. And those kinds of lists are always a good idea. :)

  7. It can be a little hectic in life to remember the things we should be thankful for and it's lovely that you made a list! Beautiful flowers and colors. x

  8. gorgeous photograph! makes me long for spring!

    i love your list too. makes me realize it's been too long since i made a thankful list myself. definitely something that's important to do often!

  9. What a lovely blog! and a wonderful list. Sometimes taking a moment of your life to write down a list like this really puts things in perspective. And you should definitely take pottery! So much fun!!

  10. I am thankful for you :) and lots of other stuff, I might write a post like this in the coming days!

  11. Those posies are just gorgeous! And yet another end-of-year appreciation post; they'd just have to be my favourite. :)



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