Tuesday 11 November 2014

The details

I find that beauty lies in the details.

In the way rust slowly forms over the metal finishings in the garden.

The way the little spiders make their cobwebs over the unused pots and the mismatched jars.

The way the light catches Sasha's nose as she stares out into the sky, potentially thinking about whether or not she'll get a treat today.

The way the wind moves so silently and how it gently rocks the leaves back and forth.

I find that by looking for the details, you can slow down time.

You see, I'm always in a rush, I'm always off doing something and even if I'm being lazy and sitting on the couch I'm on my phone, or watching TV, or keeping my mind so preoccupied that before I know it the day is over. Technology has sped us up and I'm starting to see how damaging that is.

This morning I spent 10 minutes taking photos of the garden.

It felt like an hour.

I looked for the details.

I looked for the dust settling on the tabletops and the dew falling off the flowers into the dirt below.

I can't remember the last time I took the time to do that, to just look.

Can you?


  1. What a beautiful dog! Sometimes those small details are the ones that make things meaningful and they are everywhere. We just have to keep our eyes open.

  2. The dog! What an adorable dog. Wonderful post, I think we live in a time where we are always on the move, where we are conditioned to think that we always have to be doing something to have a meaningful life. But like you say, beauty is in the details and just the little things.

    The few times where I just look (instinctively) is after meditation.


    1. I really want to get into meditation but I've never gotten around to it. I feel like it would help me so much

  3. These pictures are great and that dog <3 I agree that the details really are beautiful, so thanks for reminding me to look out for them and be a little more appreciative. It's great to sometimes slow down and just take a nice long look.

    The Life of Little Me

  4. so beautifully written. I could fall in love with the details in your photographs.

  5. Please send the Sausage dog to me and no one get hurt. Thank you. :P
    A lovely thought, I am a fan of the details :) x

  6. Yes! I do it often- such a good thing. Lovely photos & you write about it beautifully :)

  7. I love this breathtaking as always!! :)

  8. great photos! it's important to notice the little details, but it's also hard to remember to do so, which possibly makes noticing the little details even more beautiful:-) x

  9. what a beautiful garden! it's all in the details I totally agree ;)

  10. and I think it's always fun to go over areas you wouldn't think to photograph because it's a view you have seen a thousand times :) Photography is fun!

  11. i love finding joys in little details, too. i used to always just look big.. the big picture that is.. and then one day i realized that there is so much beauty in details :)

  12. This is so true. So sad, but true. It makes me miss the simpler times as a child, when all you needed was imagination and you could work off of any situation you're in to play and create.

  13. Gosh your photographs (in general) are gorgeous! Then I found your portfolio page just as I wrote that comment haha. They're so dreamy.

  14. this is a such a beautiful post. your photos are amazing!

  15. The little things are certainly overlooked, and underrated. They always provide me with a sense of pleasant comfort at times :)


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