Friday 5 December 2014

Floral Friday | Flowers as Gifts

Can someone please tell me how Christmas managed to creep up on me so quickly?

It is officially less than 3 weeks away and my body isn't handling the thought well.

The truth is I have had so much on my mind. I am throwing a dinner party tomorrow, I have wedding shoots to prepare for, clients to meet, blog ideas to instigate, and holidays to arrange. And you're telling me that somehow through all that and full time work and a social life and a boyfriend, I am supposed to buy a thoughtful present for everyone in my family?!

Goodness me.

Last year I spent far too much money on gifts and while the recipients enjoyed them splendidly, I feel that this year I want to take on a different approach. 


I feel that with the ever growing fury of technology we have become less satisfied with anything that isn't the 'latest'. If it's not new it ain't worth it! But there is something so wrong about this. For me, I'm seeing the value in gifts that are wholesome, thoughtful and plain old practical. I used to hate getting socks as gifts as a kid but now I love it! No one buys themselves socks anymore. And while I love receiving a big bunch of flowers there's something so nice about receiving a pot and taking the time and effort to make it grow. In a world where time and effort seem so hard to grasp, a little pot can make all the difference.

I bought this Poinsettia for my mother today. It's now nicely sitting in our white bathroom, adding a little pop of colour that the room deserved. And while it wasn't the most expensive gift I could have bought her, it certainly is one of the most rewarding.

What are some practical gifts you like to buy your friends and family?
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  1. It s the same here. My American friend that has been living in my country for two years gave me once a measuring cup which we don't use here because everything is in grams. When I was making something from some American website I used to google searching for an online conversion and now whenever I m using it I don't miss to text her and it s funny how just one measuring cup which I do use pretty often maintain our friendship even now when she is on the other half of the world. Accordingly, my favorite things to give are the kitchen tools (-:

  2. i am all for simplicity too. i used to go all out on gifts but not anymore. and same thing about socks! i used to hate them but now i love them. we almost got our nieces and nephews socks but then i thought to myself when i was their age and thought.. nah they'll probably hate them :) and i think flowers make the most wonderful gifts. i love getting flowers and songs! (in my inbox) as presents! happy weekend to you!

  3. Lovely poinsettia - so bright and beautiful! I hear you - Christmas creeps up on you and there are so many expectations. We have simplified our holidays in our family by drawing names for gifts - that way we only have 1 gift to buy. For friends, I bake cookies and give ornaments. Easy and simple. Flowers are also a lovely gift. xo Karen

  4. Lovely post and the Poinsettia you bought for your Mother is beautiful.
    I feel exactly the same way that Christmas has come around all too quickly.
    Here we are going to have a much simplier Christmas too.
    Happy weekend

  5. I've recently learnt to appreciate practical gifts more too. Give me a pair of socks anytime! The poinsettias are beautiful, what a lovely gift for your mum.

  6. i have no idea how christmas managed to sneak up so quickly this year either! but that is a really nice gift to give, especially because it's in a pot so as long as they take care if it it'll be there forever to remind your mum of you. :)

    little henry lee

  7. Beautiful photos and sentiment. I get way too wound up in finding the perfect Christmas gifts for my family - which now living over here costs double the price of the presents to post them back!!!!! I like your approach very much.

    My goodness I can't believe it is 3 weeks away... Are you serious?! Insane!!!

    PS don't think I've forgotten about your email ;)



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