Wednesday 3 December 2014

together we shall be

she clothes herself with respect and maturity
she wraps herself up in ideas that stretch far beyond her age
she fights the good fight, each and every day

her hair flows long and her smile grows wide
a laugh is never too far away
always there to make your heart warmer than it was before

she is strong despite the pain
she is wise despite the confusion
she is loving. always.

we walk together, and explore together
we talk about the future
and we talk about the now
realising that we have no idea what lies in store

but she holds her heart tight
away from demons
only loosening her grip for those that truly care

i admire her you know
so many of us do

my sister
not by blood
but by love

together we shall be

written for Genna, the sister i never had.


  1. Beautiful. I wish I had this written to me years ago, even now as a great reminder of my worth in Christ. Such beautiful words! By the way.....visiting your blog makes me feel really old haha. I have to blow up the screen even with my contacts on to read your blog. >/

    1. Oh no! I increased the font size a fraction. Is that better?

  2. This is absolutely beautiful Samantha! Such lovely photos and poem. Your blog makes me calm and happy. I hope you have a great day :) xx

  3. This is such lovely writing with beautiful photos. I absolutely love it and I wish I could write as poetically and well. <3

    The Life of Little Me

  4. Wow, such gorgeous shots - I love how "soft" and calming they are. Lovely post here :)

  5. I agree with everyone else! The photos are lovely.

    I particularly love the simplicity of the photos. It really makes the smaller details stand out. Often times, those are the things we overlook.


  6. Doggie paw prints all over the place! ♥ These photos are beautiful, Genna sounds like such a special person.

  7. Ah such a sweet post. Beautiful photos, Sam! x

  8. Ahhh, these pictures are STUNNING. As are the words that go along with them. How I miss the ocean and the way squishy sand feels on toes!

  9. beautiful words and photos! ;)

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  11. I love puppy paw prints in the sand, it;s like the best part about the beach haha.

    Geena is beautiful, I am so glad you found her in this world. A lot of our sisters aren't in blood but are just as much family :) x

  12. Love all three things, photos, poem and the atmosphere that is not visible but it is here, dreamy and beautiful. x

  13. beautiful! i have a couple of women in my life who i like to call sisters by love and not by blood. such a blessing to have those souls in our lives, right? lovin the little paw prints all over the sand :)

  14. You and your words make me happy. Love you xox

  15. These words are so beautiful Sam. Makes me appreciate so much in my life. :)


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