Tuesday 20 January 2015



They are such tricky things

They occur in your mind every minute of every day and they can alter the course of everything; your day, your life, your relationships, your health.

They are what determine what you write on your blog. They are what control whether you stop and say hi to the old friend from school you just walked past, or whether you upsize your meal at McDonalds. Do you stay in or go out? Should you kiss him tonight or wait for the 3rd date? Is the red skirt better with the black top? What nail colour? What pyjama pants? Which muesli? Skim or Full cream?

They surround us. Engulf us. And as a result, control us.

They are the reason why my hair is now 5 inches shorter than last week.

They are what determines if I quit my job or not (something I really am considering doing).

and yet, even though we breathe decisions out of bodies every day, I still can't figure them all out.

We had breakfast by the beach over the weekend and discussed the many different ways the next two years could pan out for us. Some things were exciting. Some were daunting. But through all the um'ing and ah'ing, not one decision seemed clear.

I'm a planner and so generally I like making decisions. I'm good at it. But 2015/16 is looking a little confusing to me and I've found myself a little stuck.

So we walked down to the rock pools and stood by the ocean, waiting for the waves to sweep up towards us. It was an easy decision to make, one I could handle with ease. The water was cool and refreshing and my body started to calm. I felt the breeze brush against me and I realised that right then, in that moment, I didn't have to have it all figured it out. I could just continue to make the decision to stand there and take it all in.

So that's what I did.

What tough (or easy) decisions are you being faced with this week?


  1. decisions intrigue me too.. one decision changes so much. i often wonder what would have happend would i have gone to get groceries an hour later for example.. i would have showed up in so many lives i otherwise wouldn't have. it's such a simple thing, and still..

    no tough decisions for me this week.. only the usual ones, probably meaning more than i think now.

  2. Beautiful writing. Made me think! Decisions are subconsciously happening all the time!

  3. Your thoughts perfectly mirror what I'm feeling right now Sam. I love how you do this. You always connect and your thoughts always put me into thinking. I myself am a planner. I love to organize and schedule things to the dot but for 2015 and the years onward, it feels daunting because I haven't figured things out. I feel stuck in a rut too. I have quite a lot of tough decisions to think about... I needed to stop doing things that didn't make me happy or good about myself and that included people who were making me feel miserable. I tend to want to make friends with everyone but somehow I came to realize that you can't keep everyone. You have to let go if it hurts you and the other person doesn't care or bother at all. Another thing is whether or not I'd move for work. I wanted to try something new and have an adventure for myself but at the same time being far away from friends and family feels sad to me. Decisions. They really make us think a lot. When I feel confused I just lay out flat on the grass and stare at the stars and for that moment at least I feel at ease. :)

    PS: I love your hair Sam! I wish I had the guts to change up my hair too. Again decisions.

    Anne's Scribbles and Doodles

    1. Oh Anne, I feel all this on so many levels. I'm in the process of cutting people out of my life and it sounds like a horrible thing but I'm starting to realise its necessary. We're adults now and we have to start living like ones. We can't expect to keep everything in our lives and remain happy. I've discovered the value in quality rather than quantity. It's a hard process and one I am slowly learning to take on board.

      I am here with you though! together.

  4. I have a few thoughts, firmly those seaweed coated rocks are so cool, I've never seen anything like that at the beach. Can you take me here next month? haha
    Secondly, you look so lovely, hair and clothes, I am digging this look for summer. Don't regret the cut :)

    Decisions are hard. I find ones like how I divide my time between different people and work really difficult, like I feel so bad having to say that I am too busy when people invite me to something because I know how hard it is to put yourself out there. And then I have such a hard time putting time aside for myself to be creative and to just be alone. Sometimes I'll decide to stay home for myself and then I spend the whole night wondering if I should have gone out instead.

    Job and career stuff is harder, but sometimes causes just as much anxiety. I hope you find the decisions easier with time. It's nice that you have someone to talk it over with. :) x

    1. Those rocks are the best! please come and feel them with me haha

      As for busyness, I get it, I get all of it! I have so many friends who don't work and therefore don't understand how hard it is for me to find time to see them and go on adventures.

      Is this adulthood? I don't know if I like it...

  5. I was just talking about decisions with a friend.. making decisions that impacts the life of another.. those can be so hard and overwhelming. Your post though just let me in on how we make so many decisions, sometimes without even thinking. Another great post, Sam. And I love your new cut.

  6. Thoughts like these can be maddening, can't they? Well, for me they are. Last night, around 11:30 pm I was laying in bed with my husband, thinking about how I had just turned 24 and he'd be 25 in a few month's time. Without warning, my stomach became tight with anxiety. We want to start a family at some point. But we're also both extremely freaked out about that, so we keep saying, "In a few years." But the years are going by so quickly and the time for putting it off is running out. And it scares me more than most anything. So, I guess that's a decision I'm struggling with right now. When to mother.

    Also, your new hair cut really becomes you. I love it.

  7. A verse came to mind when I read this and so I thought I should share:
    "We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God's purpose prevails." Proverbs 19:21 (MSG)
    Thought this might help with all the worry, stress, and anxiousness that comes with big decisions.
    Love your blog, keep speaking the truth!

  8. Lovely post. These photos are stunning and make me long for summer so much!
    What you wrote about decisions was really interesting. I hate making decision, especially important ones. I never know whether I am making the right choices or not. It's funny because just today I had a decision to make that actually made me feel super anxious and worried. It's so hard whether to know to go with your heart or your head sometimes.
    I am sure your future is bright no matter what you decide because you clearly are an amazing girl! x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

  9. Ah, this is so refreshing. i just got into instagram, started a society6 page, opening an etsy shop, recording my first cd, working extra hours, starting up a website, in my last year of high school (aka thinking a lot about the future and 'what i'm going to do') and right now its just like whoa. wake up and hit the ground running every morning... so i hear you.
    but something that i really really love about reading Australian written blogs is that the seasons are switched. so while it's freezing cold (and though i love that) its so lovely to see your light summer outfits and cool hair, barefeet and warm sun.
    you're awesome lady. so inspiring with your words and your images.
    here's to decision making.


  10. I personally feel like I am awful at decisions, it takes me so long to figure out which road to go down. Like you, I made a huge decision to cut my hair just a few days ago - one I had longed to make for the last 5 or so years - I finally did it and am so so glad I did (although I am sure I will miss some things about long hair, what does it matter now! I'm loving the change!) Every word I write is a decision and sometimes I over think nearly every one. Not to mention all the big ones that arise every day, need to tell myself more that any decision is a good decision (mostly). Love the hairy moss and your sunnies!


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