Wednesday 11 February 2015

Breathe in

We all need time to breathe, to take it all in.

We need that space. 

Sometimes, I find myself wanting to stop everything I am doing and just relax, to drop my burdens, to drop my responsibilities and sit down and watch the clouds pass by above me.

My eyes fall heavy and it just seems so easy to walk away for just a moment so I can catch by breath

The problem is I don't allow myself that breath. I keep working. I keep moving forward. I feel like if I stop then I will be going backwards. I feel guilty and ashamed that I'm not working as hard as everyone else around me. Am I weak? Am I not cut out for this after all?

I don't know.

On the other hand I feel I should allow myself that breath. Perhaps I've earned it and perhaps I don't have to have earned it. Maybe we all are allowed the privilege to just take a break even if we have a mountain of paperwork to get through, or bills to pay, or lunches to make, or children to bathe.

I think it's okay, once in a way (or even more), to allow yourself to walk away from a troublesome situation and take time to take everything else around you in; the insects crawling in the garden, the tiny flower petals draped along the stone wall, the dirt that has found its way in between your toes, the rusty nails protruding from the crooked, wooden fence. The bills, and the worries, and the appointments can wait...right now this is time for me, or for you....

...and we can do with it whatever we please.


  1. Well said.
    That photo of the spider web! Both scary and beautiful.

  2. I love moments like these when you can just breathe and do what you want. Why are we all always so busy? These moments are so vital to us and without them I think my mental health would go insane.

    The Life of Little Me

  3. Sam, without breathing, nothing else would (or could) be, yes, do it. And often. Offer yourself opportunities to break away from the busy, or break away from the worries, because those moments when you do so are the moments that mean the most. That have the greatest of impacts.

    And these photographs? I will never be able to get over your talent. It is marvellous, and brings so much joy to my world <3

  4. I love your blog! Each image on it is so vibrant and full of color.

  5. Sam, your photography makes me feel so alive. Such a treat for the eyes!

  6. These photos are perfect. They feel like home.
    I adore your green tones.

  7. Your photos are gorgeous. I love them :)
    And thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog post. x


    The Lens Affair

  8. Beautiful. I felt so calm looking at your photographs and reading the words in this post.

    Olive Needs Popeye

  9. That spider :O

    I love the detail though! Beautiful :)


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