Tuesday 3 February 2015

A Snapshot | 01

Honesty and social media: A tricky partnership.

They say social media is just a highlight reel. It's a written and visual display of all the good in someones life. It's filled with filters to make us look better, colour enhancers to make even the most boring meal look appetising, and jealousy meters that are usually peaking.

When I look at my Instagram I have to agree that my social media is quite a nice looking snippet of my life. It shows me looking pretty in new hair cuts and new outfits, it makes me out to be someone who is always out for brunch or wandering around the great outdoors. It makes me look 'cool' which I assure you I am not.

Truth is, as beautiful and somewhat real these images are, they aren't entirely painting the whole picture.

Truth is for every selfie on my Instagram comes the multitude of outtakes that take up all the space on my camera roll

For every food shot comes the awkwardness of standing up in the middle of a crowded cafe to get my birds eye view shot

For every shot of Stephen comes the "ooo Stephen, look at that light. Go stand over there and look in that direction...no the other direction! yes that's it" *

For every pretty scene I capture comes the VSCO filter that makes it looks so much nicer than it actually is

My photos aren't lies but they're not exactly shot-for-shot proof of my life either

In fact there are the countless photos I don't upload, the moments you don't see at all such as the snotty nose, or the messy room, or the hours of time spent at work each week. And then there's the one's I don't even bother trying to capture with my iphone; the sadness, the pain, the anger, the boredom and lack of motivation.

I want to share all that with you, I really do. I want to be as honest as I can without making myself too vulnerable. I want to share the struggle of trying to keep up with the world, of the days and weeks that are lacking in inspiration. But as much as I want to do that there are some days I just want to go outside and take a pretty photo and upload it to social media to remind myself that my life can be beautiful. 

That it is beautiful.

I hope that's okay with you x

*someone give that man a medal trophy for putting up with me


  1. Oh Sam. I love you, your work and your writing. There is so much honesty in it and I love how you said "Truth is, as beautiful and somewhat real these images are, they aren't entirely painting the whole picture." That is very much true. I also agree that capturing memories in whatever way we do may these be photos, writing or drawings are a means to remind us that life is beautiful no matter what. Thanks for this Sam! It was such a lovely read. :)


  2. Jealousy metre is always peaking with your photography and words, Sam. ;) But I love this post, it's so true, particularly the "outtakes that take up all the space on my camera roll" - always so many! I feel like I want my instagram to be filled with the good things for no one other than myself, as you said, to remind myself that my life is beautiful.

  3. I love honesty and I love pretty photos! When I see people's instagrams that I love, my first though is usually, gee they have a great eye! I think it's more inspiring than misleading :) I also have this belief that if you concentrate on happy moments, your life will be happier for it, I'm sure, such thoughts are up for debate but my heart is pretty won on that idea!

    1. I definitely agree with you. I think happiness is a choice we make

    2. i echo fee's thoughts. creating art from the mundane or finding beauty during moments of sadness or discovering joy amid challenges... it's all about choosing your perspective. by acknowledging that what i see or read on social media may not be the entire story, i am able to stay away from those feeling of envy or comparison and just appreciate that the maker has an interesting perspective.

  4. Great post Sam. I actually did a similar post a while back named 'What I Instagrammed vs. What I was actually doing' and it was pretty much sharing my confessions, e.g. taking about 50 pictures before settling on the one I post and then filtering it to the high heavens haha. We are all definitely guilty of this but it's great to be honest about these things. I will link it below if you fancy taking a look. Abby xx


  5. so true and amen! beautiful shots anyway ;)

  6. You are the best best best xoxoxo

  7. this is so true! but, your instagram shots are great anyways. ;)

  8. Wise words, Samantha! After reading your post, I realized just how much I struggle with being real on Instagram. I LOVE Instagram and love scrolling through my feed throughout my day, but I hardly ever upload photos myself because I always want that "perfect" photo. Which pretty much perpetuates my desire to post just the highlights. Thank you for reminding me that life is beautiful AND that life is hard and imperfect, too. :)

  9. I think that's more than ok. Sure, life comes with some less glamorous moments but I see nothing wrong with wanting to capture, share and celebrate the beauty. Your heart is gorgeous (and so is your instagram feed)!

  10. I often think of Instagram as a way to capture all of the good moments in your day, however small or big they may be. It really is a way of reminding yourself that your life is beautiful.
    ps. I absolutely love your Instagram, you are an amazing lady Sam, and it shows. :)


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