Thursday 5 February 2015


Australia; my home.

Long grass and blue skies. Tanned skin and wind-swept hair. Homemade ice-cream and pineapple juice. Cool ocean water and soft sandy carpets. Rugged mountains and deep valleys. Bustling cities and quiet suburbs. Rain one minute, sunshine the next. The world's cutest animals and the world's deadliest. Pavlova and lamingtons. Meat pies and fish n chips. Abbreviated names (Sammi, Samz, Samzo, Sampson, Samzy, Sammikins, Sambam, etc...). Budgie smugglers, chucking a u-ey, footy and shrimp on the barbie. Bikinis and loose fitting dresses. Ugg boots and oversized jumpers. The smell of rain and dirt meshing together. Airports and train terminals. Sunrises over the water and sunsets over the mountains. Cider all day long. Cloud watching. Star gazing. Getting lost in city streets or forest trails. Good music and summer festivals. The sound of native birds in the morning and chirping crickets at night. Mosquitos buzzing in your ears and humidity wrapping itself around your body. Good coffee. Brunches and afternoon swims. Dusty roads and open plains. Fireworks and late night glasses of wine. Dancing till 3am, sleeping for 2hours and awaking to watch the sunrise. Friends, and lots of them. Multiculturalism. Love as opposed to tolerance. 

What words/phrases describe the country you call home?


  1. Straya will always be the place to be.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. I love Australia too, I love the climate where I am, I love the optimism and the happiness :) I feel very fortunate to live where I do!

  3. lovely summery photos! your dress is so cute!

  4. You pretty much explained everything I would want to say about our country. :)

  5. It's been my dream to live in(or atleast visit) Australia for awhile. It seems so beautiful.
    Beautiful photos and descriptions.

    1. Please visit! I'd love to show you around and go on adventures x

    2. Yes please do Katie!

      The melting ice creams made me smile so much, that is summer in Australia :)

  6. What a happy feel I get from seeing these pictures and reading your words, really great!


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