Monday 23 February 2015

The road that night

The clouds looked like fairy floss; misty and dispersed. They seemed to surround us, holding us close and yet they were so out of our grasp it would take only a dream to see us meet. They stood tall above the road, and if you didn't know you would think there were mountains in the distance. 

The sun shone so differently that night. The hazy clouds diffused its shine and the yellow glitter from its rays sprinkled onto the trees as we passed by. The sky was a purple blue and the sun was warm. It made colours I hadn't seen before. Horses cantered in the fields beside us, their white manes bouncing so softly against their necks. The light just captured them, it captured us all. I turned to Stephen and said that if I could, if it were possible, I would roll around in the light and hold it close to me, never letting it go. It was perfect.

He looked at me silently and smiled, which was code of his agreement, and closed his eyes again and drifted off into the sleep he had been waiting for all week. I looked back to the road and to the beautiful sky and we drove together, the sky and I, until it too decided to close its eyes and fall asleep.

I wished to myself that I had my camera so I could show you all how beautiful this whole drive was but some things are better left observed than captured. So I took it all in, I took in the clouds, the sun, the fields, the flocks of birds heading home for the night, the crickets chirping, the smell of eucalyptus, all of it. I took it all in and drove into the night, letting the moon guide me for the rest of my journey.


  1. moments like these make my heart melt and yet beat faster at the same time. magic!


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