Friday 20 March 2015

A Snapshot | 02

I was lost in my own little world as I was driving today. Indie pop was blasting out of my radio while I hummed along and tapped my fingers on the steering wheel. I was out in the country where the roads were wide and the traffic was light allowing me to fly down the highway with ease. 

As I was pulling up to a set of lights, I noticed something odd fly past my window. It seemed out of place at first but then for some reason it seemed perfect...

...a little butterfly.

He was a warm orange colour with a dark chocolate border outlining its wings. He flew alongside the cars for a while before shooting off behind me as the lights went green. He wasn't in my sights for very long but he stayed with me in my mind for several hours. He was free and what seemed to be happy. He was enjoying the sunshine and the open road. A beautiful little fellow he was, and part of me wished I could have captured him in a photo. 

But that's the strange thing isn't it? Sometimes we can't capture it all even though we try our hardest.

We all have our blogs, or our Instagram accounts or our Facebook pages. We have our personal scrapbooks, or our home videos or our dusty albums stored under our beds. We have options, however it's not always enough. 

Sometimes we just have to let it sit in our minds and hope it stays there for a while.

This isn't a bad thing though. If anything, I find beauty in it. The moments uncaptured, the stories untold. They are what I love to hear, feel and remember.

What's great is that even though we may not be able to capture everything, we can tell their stories. Because for me, that is the most important part of the photo. It isn't the subject but rather the story behind it. A photo of a beach might symbolise your first kiss, a photo of a cottage on a hill might remind you of your late grandfather, a photo of an open road might remind you of a little butterfly you saw fly past your window.

Because while we can't always capture those details, we can tell their stories.

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  1. This post is so beautiful! All the photos are gorgeous. I completely agree with you. I love how your photos seem to always have a story behind them, and I think that's part of what makes them so beautiful. <3

  2. Completely agree with you, I sometimes wish I had captured something! Beautiful photos. Steph

  3. Hmm, so much yes! I think sometimes people tend to take the "technology is so distracting, put down your phones and live." and while I totally agree with that to an extent, photographs (not matter how grainy and blurry they turn out) capture an emotion, a feeling, a memory forever and that is so important. :)
    and i absolutely love your instagram feed! so much perfection.

  4. It's why I so often repeat moments to myself, after they've happened, time and time again, to capture them, and leave an everlasting imprint of their story in my mind. Photographs, for me, are so often important because they are a snapshot of a moment I could have forgotten (being an owner of a dreadful memory). They jog in my mind the memory of the story behind them - the best bit, as you said, to tell. I love photographs, I truly do, but the stories behind them really can be the most precious part <3

  5. Well I'm just glad that little butterfly stuck along for the ride.... !

  6. So true, and put so lovely xx

  7. and this is why I love photography. and you <3

  8. photography is magical. for the moments you capture through it and the stories of the moments you capture as well. it can be so powerful!

  9. lovely photos! I think animals always teach us valuable things. The other day I noticed this spider in the car - he made about 10 attempts climbing a slippery air vent, before getting past it. I just was amazed at how despite seeming impossible he just kept going back and back and back and back. I was thinking, there is no way he was going to make it and then he did! I thought that was such an awesome thing to watch and remember to practice in my own life - never give up :)

  10. So beautifully written, and I LOVE these photos. <3

  11. So beautifully written, and I LOVE these photos. <3


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