Wednesday 10 June 2015

A few words for him.

The sun sets on us every day and the night comes alive with the warmth of his hands
He tells me stories of how we'll live one day
A dream I yearn for constantly

He holds me in his arms, pulling me close to his beating heart, his breath.
We watch the screens before us flicker away and we drift into sleeps that neither one of us want to wake from,
For when we do he has to leave, to go home to his own and say goodbye to the sleepy eyes of the girl he loves

I've been sucked into this abyss I thought I knew
A place of madness, and heartache and eternal passion
A place where my mind feels full and empty simultaneously
A place our hearts call home.

Lately I've been discovering more about this place
about what it means to have someone whose hands fit perfectly with your own
and how it is possible to be so full of fear that I fall heavy to the ground
but then a smile from across the room will lift me from the darkness and carry me home

How is any of this possible?
How is this at all deserving?
Will it last forever?

Others don't find the need to share their love online
or share it with anyone at all
Perhaps they're right
Love should be a private matter
an emotion expressed between two people
a sacred promise of commitment that no other should interrupt

But today contentment floods my soul and my body begs me to yell
To declare my feelings
to tell him and to tell you why I wake up smiling
to reach for his arms and pull them tight around my chest
to have the smell of his skin consume me
and the tickling of his beard soothe me.

Is it so wrong for me to be publicly grateful?
It may be...
but frankly, my cares aren't giving a damn


  1. I think you expressed this beautifully, and there's nothing wrong with that x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. This was beautiful to read. The photos are absolutely incredible. There's just something about black and white photos.

  3. That last shot is incredible! And such beautiful words.

  4. Sam! This is perfect! I feel so similar, like I want to write about love but I have no idea where to start! How could I ever do it justice? And should I keep it just for us? I don't think so, love should be celebrated!

    Stephen is quite a model! haha :)

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