Tuesday 2 June 2015

Snapshot | 03

So it's that time of year again when I look at my calendar and say to myself "what the actual [insert profanity here]"

It's the 1st week of June which means it's Winter, which means we're basically halfway through the year which it means I'm almost another year older.

Say what?!

Today Sydney woke to the coldest June morning in 5 years (5 years!!) and the funny thing is that it's not really that cold. Today we had tops of 17 degrees which is about 62 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends. So while I shiver on my sandy shores, I bet you're all sitting there thinking "Sam, try having 17 degrees as the top temperature in Summer and then tell us how you feel about it"

...and to that I say "touche."

Truth is, despite this weather and my lingering flu*, I'm in a really good place.

Over the past few weeks I've been busy with shoot after shoot, been editing non-stop, been preparing for trips and been catching up on everything else in between and yet somehow I feel totally content with where I'm at.

I feel as ease, like this is where I'm supposed to be.

For a long time after I quit my corporate job two and a bit years ago I felt like I was in this strange limbo. I was neither working towards a goal nor was I staying in the same place. I was sort of floating in a way. Drifting through time, taking up any opportunity that came by.

It suited me fine though. It was exactly where I needed to be.

These days though my purpose is more clear. I have a business to run, a job to work at, a church to serve and a man to love. There's a lot of responsibility on my plate and, while I struggle to balance it all, it feels good to be part of something greater again.

It's interesting how the body calls for different things at different times to keep itself in line and healthy. Two years ago I needed to be doing absolutely nothing, to be resting in self-discovery, and now I need to be keeping my mind awake, constantly moving, always in a blur. Neither time was wrong or right, nor good or bad. It was just different.

For we all live our lives at different paces at different moments in different times. None of us march at the same step or dance to the same beat. And why would we want to anyway?

Life would be boring if it were all the same

*note to self: do not attempt to fight the Winter flu by kissing boyfriend who had said flu.

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  1. feeling like you are living on purpose is truly one of the greatest feelings, I so agree with you there. Being always restless at heart like I am, sometimes that seems hard, but trusting in God and pursuing your goals will keep pulling you with the tide towards your dreams. I love your photography, btw...even though I literally always say that. Ahah. x)

  2. "I have a business to run, a job to work at, a church to serve and a man to love." Hell yeah! Get it, woman!

  3. such a lovely post!!!


  4. It's been super fun to catch up on your blog seems like you have lots of awesome future goals and current happenings keeping you crazy busy and happy :) I can't believe we're half way through the year either! Craziness!

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